Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Did you guess right?

I figured today was a perfect day to come out of blog hiding....AND to reveal the sex of baby Miller #4....

So...did you guess correct?
and so....the blog name remains...forever. And we are happy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Super Hero Cuffs {A Handmade Project}

While sifting through pictures for my Life Simplified posts, I happened upon this creation I made for my boys last winter. I thought now was a perfect time to share!

Super-hero wrist and ankle cuffs!

Materials needed: Quality felt, thread, needle, scissors, paper.

  1. 1.Measure your child's wrists, ankles, and head. When measuring allow room for the cuffs to fit over the top of clothing.
  2.   Create your pattern on paper and cut out
  3. Trace patter on your felt, cut our felt.
  4. Hand stitch together
  5. Wow your children! 
This would go much faster on a machine, however this was an experiment...and frankly I found it to be fun to hand stitch them.

Create your pattern on paper