Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So far, my blogging hasn't been consistent...so for now my goal is to get to one blog a week. This is my one blog.

Now that I am a stay at home mommy, I don't leave the house hardly ever. Last week...from Saturday evening to Saturday morning the next week I was only out of the house for an hour, and that was to a PTA meeting. By Friday of last week I was a depressed mess!!! I was so zombied out that I could hardly lift my arm to grab the glass of water that my hubby was handing me. Taking care of River was about the only thing I could handle, and by the end of Friday that was even getting difficult.

So...you would think that I would get my butt out the door and do something, but instead when I get like that...the thought of getting ready to go out seems like such a HUGE feat to accomplish. Showering, make up, hair, picking out clothes, nursing River, changing him, getting the diaper bag ready, making sure I have my purse, making sure I have enough burp rags on hand for my acid reflux baby... REALLY??? I have to do ALL this just to take a check to the bank and stop at the grocery store? Doesn't this seem excesive? Doesn't it seem more logical that James (who works over 40 hours a week at running our business) could just stop by the grocery store on his way home, or take a check to the bank on his way to work?

Yes, it seems logical that is the easy answer...BUT the reality is...that I must force myself to leave the house every couple of days for a scene change, otherwise I will go crazy, thus driving my family crazy.

So...on that note, I am putting down the laptop for a few hours and going to utilize nap time to make myself look presentable, just to go to the pharmacy and pick something up. I hear the sun is shining today. Maybe I should check it out?

********Ok, funniest thing happened as I was pushing the Publish button on this post*******
My doorbell rang, and wouldn't you know it, I am still in my pj's!!! So that means that I don't answer the door....I forgot the furniture people were coming to take a look at our fireplace. Not entirely my fault because hubby set up the appointment. I tell ALL people who are coming to give me a heads up call just in case I am nursing. So I had to run downstairs, throw on some clothes and run up to let them in. Hair a mess, no make up...teeth not brushed. Another reason I should get up and get ready in the morning?!!??


  1. Oh, the occupational hazards of being a SAHM. It can get depressing...you're not alone! :) This is why I love BLOGGING and FACEBOOK. They are my connection to the outside world that I rarely visit!!!

    Maybe you should plan a trip to K-ville sometime...I've heard there's fun stuff to do there. Wink.

  2. I am hearing your "wink wink", and I would like to say that YES! I am on my way...get the coffee brewing! But I am thinking this week is shot. We MUST put something on the calendar and make it happen!

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