Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pet Peeves

This blog post has been brewing in my mind for quite some time. that I am reading blogs and facebooking on a regular basis..."status update" ideas and blogging ideas are always going through my mind.

Now, I am sure that I have my own things that annoy people, and things I do that are pet peeves of by posting this, I in no way shape or form think I am better then anyone. These are just my observations and things that make me cringe.

Pet peeve list:

1. Taking gum out of your mouth and sticking it to the side of your plate while eating, THEN picking that disgusting thing back up and "re-chewing" it after finished eating. (This instantly makes me want to loose my cookies)

2. Surprise guests. I am not naturally an organized person, I am quite the procrastinator. If my house is a mess, or I have not put myself together yet for the day, there is a good chance that I will not answer the door if you come knocking randomly without an ample heads up call. Heads up call allows me to do a quick frenzy cleaning that gives the appearance of my home being in order and pretty.

3. Blowing your nose at the dinner table, or in a restaurant. PLEASE...PLEASE excuse yourself to the restroom and take care of your snot. Especially if you are at a restaurant. I mean, I am paying for the food, I would like to enjoy it. Why isn't this common sense. AND if you are blowing your nose every 2 seconds, then you probably aren't well enough to be out in public anyways, right? The same goes with coughing repeatedly. (Maybe I am more of a germophob then I thought)

4. Glass half full. Please, if you are my waiter/waitress don't make me have to ask for a refill. If I have to beg for more water...your tip is going down.

(ok, so I have several related to restaurants)

5. When greeting me, don't tell me I look tired. It may so happen that I was feeling great, AND thinking I looked great...then you tell me I look tired...when I would have been ok with "Hello".

6. If my child is dressed from head to toe in all blue clothes, don't ask me if it is a boy or girl...really??? When/IF I ever have a girl, you will definitely know because I am into the cute ruffles and frills.

7. Why Thank you cards? I would like to meet the person who decided that women should write thank you cards for the gifts they have received after having a baby. We COMPLETELY appreciate the gifts you gave. More then likely you delivered the present in person...and if so...I was completely sincere with the Thank you that I gave you in person. The few that are received by mail...I probably didn't have any problem picking up the phone and saying thank you. But the reality is...what new mother has time to write out thank yous? By the time you are feeling normal again and like you might have a spare moment of time when you don't feel like you should be's too late and not ethical to send the thank you because it is late. (which brings me to my confession...I only sent thank yous to the people who came to my shower, because those people filled out their own envelope. The others I tried and tried to get to it, and just didn't happen..then all of the sudden my baby is 7 months old. Probably a little late to send the rest of those notes out. oops.)

8. Be a parent. Please, if you choose to have a parent to them. Don't let your child roam aimlessly around town with no regard for time, rules, checking in, doing whatever, wherever with whoever...BECAUSE you make it hard for us parents that ask the who, what, when, where, and why when our children ask to go to a friends house or up the street. Because our kids look at your kids and say "But Johnny gets to stay out till midnight...but Johnny gets to go to the skating rink until closing time with no parental supervision...but Johnny gets to listen to whatever music he wants to...but Johnny gets to cuss and be a sinner and have fun...GRRRRR. Keeping our kids on the straight and narrow is hard enough without your careless ways.

9. When people show up early. Yes...I know...most people get irritated when someone is late, but I am ok with it (within reason of course). But early on the other hand. I can almost guarantee that with me professional procrastinational skills I am running around the house until the very last second getting things in order. Five minutes early, maybe even 10 minutes...but 15 minutes or more, is just uncalled for. It's not that I don't want you here, it's that if you don't want to sit there and watch me run around like a lunatic getting everything ready, don't come more than 15 minutes early.

10. Giving me diet tips without me asking for them. Don't people know...that people who are overweight, probably know what it takes to lose the weight. We have probably already tried every weight loss gimic out there. We probably know how many calories we are suppose to eat, what foods to avoid, how long to exercise, avoid sodium, drink water, stay away from sugar...blah, blah, blah. We are not overweight because of lack of knowledge, we are overweight because of addictions to food, emotional pain that hasn't been dealt with, no self control...the list goes on and on.

Well, that is all I can think of for now for pet peeves. I know..."don't point out the spec in your friends eye before taking the log out of your own eye." My pet peeves may be someone else's pet peeve about me. Well, maybe my next post should be a list of 10 thinks I appreciate (to stay positive). I would love to hear other people's pet peeves.


  1. I agree with your #2 sometimes. I don't mind unexpected guests most of the time, unless my house is unusually messy, or it's been over a day since I've showered and am, therefore, SMELLY. :) We've only had one unexpected guest out here in the boonies where we live, and I MISS IT SO MUCH!!!

    And a couple of my pet peeves:

    1. When I'm sitting in a restaurant eating, and someone is sitting in my (or my husband's) line of vision, and this person is very large and their hairy butt crack is very very exposed. GAG.

    2. When people see me out and about with all my kids and say things like, "Four kids, huh?", like they're day has been totally ruined simply because they saw a mom with four young children. It's ridiculous.

    3. When other people's children make comments to my children that suggest that the parents have said negative things about the fact that our kids are homeschooled. Like when a little 1st-grade girl was drilling Pierce about addition facts, and when he knew the answers, she was shocked and said, "How do you KNOW that?" Well, DUH... (I realize I probably read into that too much.. :)

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Great to have you back!! I keep hoping to find a post on here...reading other people's blogs is MUCh better when you already know who the person is!

  2. Oh girl! You have hit the nail on the head with this post! Glad to see you are back! My Dad blows his nose after every single meal no matter where we are and it totally disgusts me every time. You would think I would expect it but I don't and it annoys the crap out of me! So gross! My stepson leaves his gum on the kitchen counter! Seriously? Hello the trash can is just about 10 steps away and are you really planning on chewing it again! Ugh! Thank yous.....don't get me started! Unexpected visitors....HATE that! Call me first please! People always used to ask if the boys were a boy or a girl! Seriously, I would not have my girl in all blue with a car or some sort of ball on the front! I am with you.....they will KNOW if I have a girl by the bows and frills!! Parenting in our neighborhood seems to be obselete and it annoys me. You are so right~~it just makes it harder for those of us who actually parent our children. And last but not least, Professional Procrastination must be genetic b/c I am certainly a PRO!!!

  3. Thank you my faithful 2 followers!! I was worried my post was going to be too negative, but then again my post is about being true and real right? Well, I am naturally a pescimist. Maybe my blog name should be: The Pescimistic Procrastinator!