Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

From MckMama: Are you feeling guilty for eating all the cereal you said was for the kids? Laden with remorse because you took a nap at your desk when your boss wasn't looking? Overcome with embarrassment when your child sticks their hand down their pants at the mall? We'll don't be! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!

My baby did not recently go through a phase where he would only nap during the day if I nap with him. I did not enjoy this time thoroughly because it gave me an excuse to nap! Not Me! I then did not post a sign on my door for my 11yo and my husband to read saying " not come in unless you need to go to the emergency room!". Not me! Because I would always be the type of mom and wife who is totally accessible 24/7 to all the need me!

It is not me who recently had to go on a Facebook fast to level out my Facebook addiction. No...not me! ...because I wouldn't have enough time with being a SAHM to have any computer addictions!

I did not go 3 days without showering this last week! I would ALWAYS be the wife who is fresh, clean, and put together for her husband when he gets home. I also wouldn't be someone who would not answer the door because of still being in my pj's! Not me!

I do not have a present wrapped in my car for my friend who had her baby on FEBRUARY 2nd! I would not have bought this clear back then and still NOT have given it to her NOR even gone to see her baby yet! Not me! Because I am a go getter and would always get something done quickly without delay! No...Not me..I am not the queen of procrastination!

I have not been so nervous about posting this Not Me Monday post that I have been taking notes for weeks to prepare! Not me! I wouldn't be intimidated by all of you seasoned bloggers out there! I do not spend more time reading blogs then posting blogs of my OWN! Not me! I would not prefer to read blogs then to sit down with a book! Not me!

I am not letting my 9 mo baby tear up my paper so that I can finish typing this post! I am not watching him crawl around with the paper in one hand and slobbery paper stuck to his chin! Not me! Because I would run after him every second to ensure he doesn't ever get into anything! Not me!
(Bare with me...I am still trying to figure out how to get MckLinky to work!)


  1. Was this your first NMM post? Awesome! You did great :) I was the same way my first time around! I started it on Tuesday and added to it every day :) ha ha.

    Naptime UGH. I would PAY to be left alone during nap time. My 4 year old doesn't understand "Don't bother me unless it's an emergency". An emergency to him is that he doesn't want to watch the show that's on TV. *sigh*

    Oh, on that note, I never leave my 4 (almost 5) eyar old to fend for himself while I take advantage of the baby's nap! :)

  2. Thank you! It was my first NMM post! I still don't have the MckLinkey thing figured out. I am clueless! Oh well...I'll get it figured out sooner or later! Unless my procrastination gets in the way. ;)

    The problem with the napping was that everytime my baby would get to sleep someone would come in and "whisper" (loudly) a question to me and wake him up. So glad he is back to napping beautifully by himself in his own bed. I still find an excuse to nap once in awhile though. ;)

    Thanks for posting a comment! I appreciate! I feel so special!

  3. I just ♥ you! Too funny! I am so proud! I've totally done the nap note deal and I don't even have an infant!! ha! must be in the genes!! Great job it was funny and glad you are joining in around here!! My problem with Not me Monday was everytime things would happen I would say that is a GREAT not me THEN when it came time to post I would forget!! I finally started doing the post and saving as a draft to add things as they happened. I need to start doing not me monday again b/c I really enjoy reading them!