Tuesday, September 1, 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love You

A while back, after getting in trouble, Xavier came to me with a list of 20 reasons why he loves me, as a suck up gesture...I mean as a sincere gesture of his apology for his wrongdoing. :)

Whatever the reason was...I melted!

20 Reasons why I love you!

  1. You gave birth to me

  2. I love you

  3. Your my mom

  4. You love me

  5. You take care of me

  6. You help me with my homework

  7. I'm your son

  8. Your nice

  9. You don't drive crazy

  10. Your a cool mom

  11. Your not careless

  12. Your a great cook

  13. You make pancakes

  14. You didn't get rid of me (insert tears)

  15. You have a cool family

  16. You take care of me and River

  17. You spend time with me

  18. You don't beat me

  19. Your the nicest mom in the world

  20. You the best cook in the world

I have the BEST kids in the world!!!!


  1. #14...seriously? Makes me want to bawl. And FYI I think of you and thank God for your bravery every time I think about pro-life issues.

    #18...bahahaha! I find that really funny for some reason! But sweet that he recognizes how blessed he is that he doesn't have abusive parents when so many kids do.

  2. Really sweet! I do feel teary eyed after that one. Isn't it great to be a mom?

  3. What a cool list and seriously a cool little guy!