Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My 11 year old has a cell phone!!!

Xavier (aka Zae) has been begging for a cell phone F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Evidentally EVERYONE but him has one. We were never in favor of it until all of our schedules got so crazy. So..he finally has joined the bandwagon and we have caved. Here is a copy of the contract/rules we have come up with for him to follow: (feel free to copy us :)

Cell Phone Contract between Dad, Mom, & Xavier

1. The cell phone will stay upstairs to charge at night when you are to be in bed.

2. No prank calling

3. No bragging to your friends about your cell phone

4. Do not let your friends borrow or take your phone anywhere. (If you are standing there with them and they need to call a parent, that is ok…but do not let them use your phone just to use it.)

5. The phone belongs to Mom & Dad. You are renting the phone from us! We make all decisions about the cell phone.

6. No harassing people, by harassing I mean calling repeatedly…if someone doesn’t answer the first time, you don’t need to call over and over until they answer. Leave them a message and they will call you back when they can.

7. The phone costs $12 per month, and this you have agreed to have taken out of your allowance.

8. Mom & Dad have FULL permission to view everything that is on your phone, all texts, calls, and pictures.

9. You do not have permission to use Easyedge to download music. This costs Mom & Dad a lot of money and there will be consequences if we find it is being used.

10. Your phone is to be in your backpack, turned off during school. Do not use the phone while at school.

11. If the phone breaks because you are being careless with it, you will have to pay to replace it.

The cell phone is a privilege; you are blessed to have it. We are happy that you have shown us responsibility enough to have a phone. However, this phone can be taken away very quickly if misused.

By signing this contract you agree to all the rules and understand them clearly:

Mom _________________________________________
Dad __________________________________________
Zae __________________________________________


  1. If you have US Cellular you can have Easy Edge disabled...takes away the temptation to download stuff.

    ~ Amy

    p.s. I figured out how to make an anonymous comment on your blog! It wasn't an option earlier!

  2. This is a great idea. I need to borrow some of these contract items for a negotiation with my son :) I'm visiting from Angela's blog. I'm glad that I came by. You have a nice blog!

  3. your too mean to your son. let him have some freedom

  4. Really Mean? Wow....that is food for thought. What exactly do you think is mean about it? I am interested to know. Also, do you have children, if so...what are their ages? We LOVE LOVE LOVE our children beyond words can explain. If you think setting boundaries for our child is "mean"...that is certainly an interesting concept. Does it upset me that you anonymously left a snide, not just intrigues to wonder what you think is mean about it. Something must have triggered something in you when you read this. He has handled this responsibility beautifully and we have never had any problems with it at all.