Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me! Monday

Have you ever wanted to tell someone about the embarassing or silly thing that you did...but worried what others would think? Mckmama created this blog carnival just for the sake of getting to admit our discuss things that we would absolutely NOT do! If you would like to join in...go here. It is fun! Read others while you are at it.

I did not totally forget about Not Me! Monday until I read Mckmama’s tweet just a few now. Not me! I am always thinking ahead and totally prepared.

I did not pay $20 for a 14 year old girl to sit and watch TV while my baby slept soundly for the night so that my husband and I could go out 4 hours for a date. I would not want to pay a babysitter so well that she will drop anything to come and sit for baby anytime we need her. I wouldn’t be thinking ahead like that and thinking it was almost like bribery. My 11 year old did not later ask me…did you actually pay her to watch TV??? And he did not then ask why we didn’t just let him be the babysitter so that he could get paid to watch TV. It did not take me 11 months to figure out that not leaving for a date until after baby is in bed for the night would be the best solution!

I did not start a money jar and tape, Minnesota Trip, to the front of it…to start saving my pennies for Minnesota trip in a few weeks. I have not been having so much fun saving this money this way, because it is guilt free and MY money…that I have been now thinking of things that I could sell just so I can go shopping!

I did not just waist valuable time straightening my hair, knowing full well it is pouring outside and that it will be frizz ball in no time. Not me! I know better and know that the ponytail is the way to go.

Recently on our way home from church, my 11 year old did not proclaim that he really had to go to the bathroom and that he called “dibs” as soon as we got home. (Only 1 bathroom)…I did not think that he was exaggerating and thing he was being funny…he then did not proceed to poo in his pants because I stopped to tickle him on the way in the house. I would not, not listen to my child and believe him and cause him to do this! Not me! I then did not make him clean up his own mess because I was so grossed out! Not me! This mama changes diapers all day long and should be accustomed to cleaning poo at any given moment, no matter who it is…

I did not request a realtor to come to our home to do a market analysis, just to prove to my husband that sinking more money into our home as opposed to just buying a larger home is crazy! I would never go to such lengths just to prove my husband wrong! After all he is the head of our household and knows all, and I should just submit to what he says. ;o) I do not go through this phase of house searching and dreaming about once a year at least! I do not often lose sight of our goals of being a young debt-free family by living within our means and staying put until we can pay cash or large down payment for a new home. I would never go through bouts of discontent like this…because I know better! Not me!

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  1. Oh my goodness.....him pooping is pants is freaking hilarious b/c it is totally something I would do to one of my boys!! ha! Love. it!! I too would not clean it up....welllll mine are younger so I would have to but I would definitely NOT just throw the clothes away! Not me! Girl I straighten my hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and it has been raining for two weeks.....will I learn? NO, NOT ME!!