Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Are you feeling guilty for throwing away a pair of childs underwear instead of washing them after an accident? Are you feeling alone because you think there is no one you can tell about the time you used a childs diaper for your OWN purposes? How about the time you sang outloud at church when nobody else was singing? is your chance to NOT own up to these things. Because these definitely wouldn't be the types of things YOU would do. If you would like to join in on MckMama's Not Me! Monday blog carnival...go here.

When an old cartoon came on that my 11 year old was watching I did not say affectionately...aaahhh, it's Ben & Jerry. My 11 year old then did not mean Tom and Jerry? Oops, maybe a little too much ice cream?

I did not go into check on my son last night who was definitely not still up after his appropriate bed time....only to find that he had NOT tested how far our toilet washlet water would shoot.

I did not think that it would be my 11 year old who would experiment with the water spraying option on the toilet....I was for sure this would be an adventure for my toddler in the near months. Instead it was NOT the 11 year old who managed to get water, A LOT of water, all the way across the bathroom all over our clean towels, into the closet. He did not proceed to laugh the entire time I was trying to scold him. BOYS!!!

When changing babies diaper I did not stare in amazement at the full raisins in his bm and think that I totally needed to tell someone! You know...because everyone wants to hear about raisins in my sons bm...right?

The "to do" list that I hung up 2 weeks totally NOT still there, with only a few items crossed off. Instead of motivating me, this does not plague me with guilt.

Xavier did not say to me after seeing on TV..."You look like Oprah, only white, you resemble her". In an effort to not make my son feel stupid for saying that, I had to bite my tongue from laughter! Let see...

I have NOT now used this same photo of myself in 3 different blogposts....I know you all are totally NOT sick of seeing it by now!


  1. You still just crack me up! THe fact that you even own a toilet with a washer cracks me up!! Then him spraying......ha.....totally something I probably would have tested WITH my boys....or NOT! The raisin in the totally could have called me or NOT!! and Oprah....I just don't see it! Maybe it is time to see the eye doctor! Love ya!

  2. Funny stuff here...the spraying toilet, raisins in the poop... Resembling Oprah??? I don't see it, that's what makes it priceless!!! Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Having fun looking at your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. Looking forward to Friday. Hoping that everyone stays we're starting to have a bit of a bug going around. Hope your travel up goes well!