Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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I did not search frantically for my cell phone, which was on silent, for over 30 minutes...only to find that I had tucked it in my BRA! I would not be that absent minded! Nor would I use my bra as a pocket! I also would not go into public with my phone in my bra because I had forgot to put it in my purse...and then get embarassed when it started to ring and tried to discretely remove it!
I am not so totally excited for the Mckpicnic that I wish it was here already! I would not be crazy enough to go meet up with a group of people I met on the internet! Because they are probably all axe murderers...right!? I would not have to start my conversation with my mother, when asking her to tag along, with..."I know what you are thinking, and don't worry they are not serial murderers." (btw, please don't prove me wrong!)

I am not so bad at getting things done on my "to do" list that I had to tape my list next to the TV so that it was unavoidable.

My 10 month old is not, yet again, eating paper while I type my Not me! Monday post!

I do not take pictures of myself when I think that I "look good", I would not be so vain...or maybe it's because I don't get myself ready often enough! I would not then, of course, add that picture to my this...
I would never let my 10 month old eat spaghetti on his own just for the photo opportunity! I would then of course not take a picture like this of a noodle stuck in his nose...
Have a GREAT Monday! And may you be inspired to post things that you
would NOT do on my comments!


  1. Great post! I love the noodle in the nose pic. hehe :P

    You have pretty hair, btw. Is it naturally curly? I have naturally curly/mostly frizzy hair that is the absolute bane of my existence. There is not a curl product on Earth that can control it! Grrr...

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your Not Me! post and the baby with the spaghetti looks exactly like mine does when he eats spaghetti! Now I have to add you to my favorites!

  3. Thanks all! Cindy, hair is naturally curly, this picture is natural curl mixed with curling iron help. I use "Kenra curl defining creme" product that comes in a pump. It feels almost like lotion when you put it on. Then I spray it with some bed head hair spray, diffuse and crunch!

    Elizabeth- Thanks for following me!

  4. Ooo... I'll have to give the Kenra creme a try. Thanks for sharing!

    btw, you've been tagged! :)

  5. Oh you just crack me up! I hope they don't prove you wrong too BUT YOU KNOW IF I HAD THE MONEY I WOULD MEET YOU THERE!! I can't believe you are going. Taping the to do list by the tv is a near genius idea!