Monday, October 5, 2009

Not me! Monday (Finally!!!)

Words from Mckmama "Are you feeling guilty for drinking chocolate milk out of a dark mug so that your child wouldn't know you were drinking it? Hope that no one heard you arguing with your husband in the car in the grocery store parking lot? Overcome with embarrassment when you got your period while wearing white pants? Well don't be! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!" Click here if you would like to join in!

I did not avoid people at church who I thought "might" be sick because they coughed or sneezed or anything....and I didn't avoid shaking hands or hugging...just so that I would NOT get sick for this coming weekend! I did not completely freak when a little girl put her fingers into my baby's mouth and she had a crusty nose!
Did not buy a new outfit just for Friday. I also did not really think I could lose 10 pounds before Friday, knowing there would be lots of cameras flashing. However I really did NOT succeed in losing any weight! I mean come's cold up there in MN...I need all the insulation I can get!
We are not trying to have another baby. Even though I have successfully given birth to two children now, I did not sink back into my old habits from when we thought we were infertile and start tracking my ovulations. Because I know better then to try and do things my way...because I know by now that it doesn't matter what my schedule is, it is up to God's schedule!
I did not run 3 loads of dishes through the dishwasher on Saturday. I wish I could tell you that this was all due to the fact that I cooked 2 meals and 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies.
I am not totally sick of hearing about H1N1 every time I turn on the tv. I love hearing over and over again about everyone who is getting it. I love sitting in constant fear to leave the house because someone might breathe on me!
I did not order from the Schwan's man again tonight because I can't ever say no to him when my husband isn't here! I don't make my husband answer the door whenever he is that I don't cave. Tip of the day ***Don't engage in real conversation with the Schwan's man, don't become friends with him, this will cause you to feel bad for ever saying no to him (or her) and you will fall victim to hiding when you see them pull up...and this will lead to guilt...for which you will then come out of hiding and then order anyways.*** (but really, our Schwan's guy is really nice)


  1. My husband BEGS me to order their ice cream every time we see that truck! I have yet to cave.... but many more years ahead full of many loving "caves" I bet!

  2. I love your Not me Post! I totally have been avoiding the news because of the h1n1 virus.. I do not want to see any information on it.. EVER!

    We order from the schwan man all the time and the ice cream is GREAT!

    Have a great week !

    Are you going to Mckmamma's dinner party thing? I wish I lived close I would love to go... maybe the next event in the summer time.. I don't think my blood could take MN right now LOL!! Arizona blood runs thinhaha


  3. I can understand your concerns about all the illness floating around these days. Now that my kids are in school, I'm afraid to see what germs they bring home.

  4. Think of how scared I was when Lisa and her middle boy got H1N1 AND I had spent several hours with them earlier that day before the symptoms occurred. I was panicked to say the least! Braden missed a week of school and Lisa missed TWO WEEKS of work AND had to go to the hospital the second week to get 3 bags of fluids. I thought for sure my entire family would get it along with the entire football team since they had gone to Elijah's game that day BEFORE coming to our HOUSE!! Oh my! I know of many people who got it but thought it wasn't a big deal but my sister says she just wanted to die! Ugh! All clear hear though....thank God!!

    I can't believe you are going this weekend. So so jealous! AND you won a photo shoot! Lucky girl! How did you talk your Mom into going?