Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

~Not me! Monday was created out of Mckmama's desire to admit or...ahem...deny her imperfections. She then invites all us bloggers to join in on the fun! Go here if you would like to join Mckmama's blog carnival! Oh...and there is a prize this week on her blog!

I did not make my son strip down to his underwear in the freezing cold rain when he came home from football practice like this: I did not have to wash this uniform twice just for it to look somewhat decent. I did not worry that other parents would think I didn't wash it because it still looked dirty. I also have not considered leaving them in their somewhat dirty state when I turn them in on Wednesday...because it was NOT my fault they let the kids slip and slide in the mud! Not me! I wouldn't make someone else scrub my child's uniform out of spite!
My child did not sneak in the door and creep through the house (tracking mud every step of the way), jump out and say...DO YOU WANT A HUG??? I did not completely flip out that he tracked mud all through the house all over the door handles. I did not then go grab my camera in true blogger form to make sure I had evidence to blog about. Not me! I don't take pictures with my blog in mind?

Speaking of pictures, I have not been taking multiple pictures a day of my baby who is turning 1 in just a few short days....thinking that I need to capture his last few days as a "baby"...refusing to call him my 1 year old. Refusing to think of him as a toddler. Not me! I totally embrace that he is growing and learning. I don't totally wish that I could just hold him and never let him go.
My husband & I did not giggle and make jokes about my son's teachers choice of words when teaching his class today. When teaching the class about Sodom and Gamora (spelling? too lazy to look it up)...and talking to them about the homosexual actions that were going on during that time in the Bible. His teacher who can be on the shy side...chose to use the word "attack" instead of "sex" when explaining the story to the kids in class. It was not my child who rose his hand and said "what do you mean...attack" is not my child who knew full well what she meant but was just trying to get her to say it. Nope...not my child!

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  1. We've had many a night when football practice gear looks that bad. One night all the kids played, wrestled and slide in a giant mud puddle THEN the coaches all took a turn sliding in the mud. Bad news to this funny event.....Hubs is a coach and his clothes just got thrown away!! ha! It was funny though but I was ticked b/c I didn't have my camera! I can't believe River is almost 1! Crazy how fast time flies! He is so cute and looks just like his Daddy....a little camera shy though don't you think....lolol! Love ya!

  2. I think I would have flipped out with a mess like that to deal with!