Monday, October 26, 2009

Not me! Monday

Yeah!!! One of my favorite times of the week! Getting to reveal some "not so pretty" moments in my life! If you want more information on joining the Not me! Monday blog carnival, go here. Mckmama created it...and I LOVE it!

Drumroll please....

I did not wait to long to send out birthday party invites for my son's first birthday that we relied on our Facebook event invitation to get the job done! I did not forget to call the people that are not on Facebook to invite them until the week of the party..Nope, not me! I would never do something so tacky.

My husband & I did not declare that buying our son a birthday present was not necessary because we just don't have room in our small home for anything else. I was only 1/2 serious when I agreed that we didn't need to buy anything. I did then not wait until the last minute to get him anything and then declare "oh...I will just wait until we see what all he gets" before getting him a present. I most definitely have still not bought him anything for his birthday. Not me! It's his 1st birthday for pete's sake (who is pete anyways? Why do we say this?)!

I of course had months to plan for this I most certainly did not wait until the day before to get everything done for the party. I did not have to stay up til 1:00 AM to get everything done. I did not flip out on the morning of the party when my husband slipped into a warm leisurly bath to RELAX! What! Relax! On the morning of a my home! Don't you know people will be here any minute...and you slip into the bathtub to relax! I did not purposely come in and out of the bathroom for various "important" reasons, just to let a breeze in and shorten his relaxation time...because nobody should be sitting back relaxing before 24 people come to our home! Not me! I would not totally fit the "Queen" status before company comes over. So much so that I think my husband purposely schedules himself to be busy around these times so that he doesn't get put to work. :)

I did not start this cake...

at 10:00 AM on Friday and between trips to the grocery store, naps and feeding for baby, freezing between layers and so on...did not take me until 10:00 PM to finish the cake! I was not sooo proud of this cake that I made everyone wait anxiously as I took a million ok, maybe just 15 pictures of this cake! (If you want the recipe, go here).


  1. I would take a million pictures of that cake too...great job! Kim

  2. That cake is a thing of beauty - wow!!!

  3. Wow, I am SO impressed with your cake! I saw the pictures on mcmama's blog, but i didn't think i could pull it off. You have no shame in the face book invite, that is much easier for most people anyways and it has become the norm. I too wait to the last minute to get things ready... we are having about 50 people over on Saturday, and I haven't started getting ready yet....
    Enjoyed your post!

  4. you did such an awesome job with that Cake I would have taken a hundred pictures!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to River! I hope he got all the presents he needs!!!! haha I did not buy my Daughter anything for her first birthday! my family out did themselves and we lived in a one bedroom apartment at the time! it was crazy and her birthday is 3 days before Christmas.. it was a very "toy filled" apartment that year!!! LOL Have a great week!!