Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peeling the Layers, part 2 go here for part 1

**If you would like to go back to the beginning of my weight loss blog journey, go here. On the original post is where I will be updating and tracking my actual weight loss amounts. If you missed my first Peeling the Layers post, go here.**

On Monday after I left my first consultation, testing, and half work-out at the gym...I went straight to the grocery store to purchase $230 worth of healthy food. Boy, eating healthy can sure be expensive...if someone figures out how to do it for cheap, let me know.

I was doing fairly well. I know from my LA Weightloss days of dieting that you should be able to get most of the groceries you should eat from the outer aisles of the store. You walk in, go straigh to the produce section, you walk a little more to the meat section, and then around the other side is the dairy section.  Of course you have to to the inside aisles for a few items, but really not much. I was going about my merry way doing fine. I zoomed past the chips aisle. Ohhhh, I love chips! Zoom onto the meat aisle...and there..BAM...out of nowhere is this cute little unsuspecting little old man. He has a handheld basket, which he quickly walks up to me and shoves in front of me and says..."Did you see that!? Thirty-Nine cent chocolate milk! Can you believe that? You have to get some, I's thirty-nine cent chocolate milk!" I politely nod and suggest that yes, that is a great deal. I drink chocolate milk? Rarely. Do I like it? Sure. Was I thinking about chocolate milk before this man bombarded me? No. Did I crave to the point of salivating chocolate milk more than ANYTHING for the next 15 minutes after he was gone?? YES! More than anything I wanted to drink a nice tall glass of ice cold chocolately milky goodness. I would have drank it right out of the jug! BUT, I persevered! Got through the moment, and felt so much better for doing so.

That's all for today, off to keep on moving! 

**Thank you for following my journey, I am doing this for myself. Not my kids, not my husband (although they will directly benefit from this)...I have to do this for myself. However, if I inspire a few others along the way, my motivation will increase surely! Please tell me about your own struggles. If it isn't weight loss, what is it?**

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