Saturday, November 7, 2009

Peeling the Layers part 3

**If you would like to go back to the beginning of my weight loss blog journey, go here. On the original post is where I will be updating and tracking my actual weight loss amounts. If you missed my first Peeling the Layers post, go here or go here for Peeling the layers part 2.**

On Friday I was sick. I noticed hot flashes on Thursday, but chose to ignore them. I did workout Thursday, but by nighttime, it was getting a little more unavoidable. I went to bed at 7:00 PM hoping to "sleep it off". I awoke on Friday to being hot, having a headache, and feeling very draggy. I battled a temp all day Friday, never rose above 101.6. I slept as much as I could during babies naptimes, and again went to bed at 7:00 PM. I contemplated all day just going ahead and going to workout in spite of the fever. My mind won, I stayed home. Mainly because I didn't want to be responsible for infecting others with all of this H1N1 crud going around. I woke up today at 5:45 AM feeling really good. Went and worked out at 9:00. Feel great, even better now that I worked out.

It is amazing how quickly my mind started getting the best of me on Friday while I was down. I found it very easy to fall into a state of mind of depression. Feeling like a failure because I couldn't accomplish working out for 20 days in a row for the gym challenge. Started thinking that I would soon fizzle and give up and be a failure once again. My back was hurting from laying around so much.

Physically the biggest difference that I can tell so far, besides losing 4.8 pounds that my joints aren't so stiff. Before working out I was to the point that when ever I would get up it would take me a few minutes to get moving. My knees, my feet, and especially my lower back and hips. Now, I am noticing already that those areas aren't as stiff, and already getting easier for me to move around! I am only 30....but was really starting to feel like I was trapped in a 50 year old body!

Well, I am off to keep on moving! I will be doing a post with pictures soon because I know how boring posts with only words can be after awhile. ;)

**Thank you for following my journey, I am doing this for myself. Not my kids, not my husband (although they will directly benefit from this)...I have to do this for myself. However, if I inspire a few others along the way, my motivation will increase surely! Please tell me about your own struggles. If it isn't weight loss, what is it?**

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  1. Janelle! Maybe I missed this in the beginning of your journey, but HOW DO YOU WORK OUT WITH A BABY?! I must know your secret!

    Also, it's so awesome that you're sharing your experience and struggles on here (mentally and otherwise). Keep it up, girl!

    My own struggles? O man, where to start? Lately, frustration and anger. bleh. Lame things to deal with.