Sunday, December 13, 2009

Come know you wanna?

How about it? Wanna join in on the fun of getting skinny? I am going to "weigh in" on this post. I will invite you to weigh in as well. You can either do it publically like me and announce the forbidden number aloud for all to hear read, or you can simply say...I have lost 1 pound or whatever. Just leave the number on the notes of this post.

As you might have read early on I started this venture weighing in at 243.8 pounds. I was down 17.6 pounds...but am now at 16 pounds lost. So that means I am at 227.8. I was really hoping to get down to 220 before we leave for Hawaii this week, but unless I go have a procedure, I don't think that is happening. However, it will not stop me from trying!

Since I am leaving for vacation soon, I will weigh in one more time before I leave, and then again when I get back. Maybe this will help keep me accountable to not gain all 16 pounds back while I am away. My 11 year old says that he wants to work out in the hotel fitness room with me each day. That might just be the motivation that I need to do it.

Do you think it possible to lose weight on vacation? I mean...I did successfully lose 1 pound over the Thanksgiving holiday, do you think I can really defy the odds and lose while gone too? I don't know, but it's worth a try!

If you wanted, you could even post about this on your blog and link back to me. I think it would be fun to see how many we can get involved.

So...what do you say....are you in?


  1. Hey Janelle,

    I am weighing in at 167! I want to be 160 before the new year!Do you think it will happen?? I want to weigh 140 by April 2010. I think my next post will be all about weight loss!!(not cupcakes like I had originally planned LOL)

    Have a great vacation! I wish I was going too!!!


  2. Ok, I'm in! We need our old scale back, the one we have now is kind of hard to read, and if I'm totally honest I'm pretty sure it is a few pounds on the light side. I would say I'm at about 195 give or take a few. oh how I HATE trying to eat healthy, but here we go...