Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To dust or to drink?

But I am not! However I have done several loads of laundry, and I did manage to change into a different pair of sweats from yesterday. ;o) Yes, I live in Iowa and we are SNOWED IN! This is snow day #2! We have over a foot of snow so far and it is still coming down strong. Expecting blizzard conditions by evening.

There are a few things that are keeping me and my heart warm:
  1. Did you know that the same day I posted the pictures that Mckmama took of River, that she coincidentally posted the pictures on her blog too??? Go here if you would like to see them. I first learned that we were on there by a friend of mine on Facebook letting me know. I literally jumped across the ottoman, ran downstairs to the computer! As if just being on Mckmama's blog wasn't already enough..reading through over 200 comments on that post talking about how cute my baby is made my heart skip many many beats.
  2. Speaking of Mckmama, another thing made me warm and fuzzy today. It is the possibility of winning an HP TouchSmart 600 Computer! That is right! She has a giveaway going on right now. If you would like a chance at it (but I would prefer if you didn't because it increases MY chances) Then go here.
  3. Coffee. Ever since it has been cold I can't get enough coffee. There is something about knowing it is cold and snowy outside that just makes me want to sip on hot coffee all day!
  4. Hawaii. Yes...instead of thoughts of sugarplums in my head this holiday season...I have coconuts, the ocean, lu'aus on the brain. We have decided to take a vacation to Hawaii. We leave in LESS THAN 2 weeks! Yes, we are taking the kids. No, we are not crazy to ride in a plane for 9 hours with an 11 year old and 1 year. At least that is what I would like to think. If anybody has any tips for any helpful hints to make it successfully there with all my all means please share. My parents are going with us. I am very excited that they get to come. However, my Dad broke his wrist 2 days ago after he fell outside while shoveling snow. THANKFULLY they gave him a removeable cast because they knew he would want to get in the ocean! Who knows...maybe I will come back with a giveaway for a lucky reader of my blog!
Well, I am off to drink another cup of hot java dust every nook and cranny of my home! Happy shoveling!


  1. I'm loving me some coffee too! I found a BIG mug at Dollar Tree and I just love filling it to the brim and sitting at the table, reading the Word. I don't like the cold of winter, but I LOVE being hunkered down during snow storms. :)

  2. So I've been out of the blog world for a little while, and here you are doing AWESOME at loosing weight! Can I join you? I need accountability! Wow, way to go!