Monday, January 4, 2010

Did you think I fell off the planet?

You will be happy to know ( least I hope you will be happy to know) that I did not fall off the face of the planet. Things have been crazy. First we spent a week in Hawaii. We took my parents and our 2 kids! Yes...we endured over 10 hours of flying with 2 kids. Of course Xavier was a piece of cake since he is 11. However flying with a 14 month old...I wouldn't exactly call a piece of cake. But...more on that in a seperate Hawaii post.

When we came back it was December 23rd, so we basically had a day at home to relax and get our barings back, then it was off to our first Christmas of the season. It was very nice. We spend the next week doing various family things. James & Xavier went ice fishing a few times. BRRRRRR! But is great bonding time for them. New Years Eve we had another couple over. The men cooked an amazing meal for us from scratch! They made chicken fettucini alfredo. The alfredo sauce was from scratch! No jar here! Then they make honey glazed carrots, bread, and a whipped pudding dessert. It was all very good. While the men cooked, my friend Alicia and I watched "My Sisters Keeper" downstairs. Our kids were here, but my 15 yr old sister in law was here to help watch them. We then ate our meal to candle light, enjoyed the company. They left around 8:00. We tucked our kids into bed and then James & I had a nice quiet evening together to reign in the new year.

It is Monday now and everything is back to normal. School is on and I am trying to get back into our normal routine. Laundry and I haven't exactly been getting along lately. (I don't really know that we have ever really gotten along) Anyhoo...if you have wondered why I haven't been blogging, it is because I have no internet at home at the moment. My husband decided that MY laptop was running too slow for his liking, so he took it upon himself to install some program that was suppose to help speed it up. didn't work, and now I am blocked from internet and blocked from most everything on my computer. So, I have to take it in to get worked on this week. My husband graciously (or maybe tired of hearing me complain about him breaking my computer) brought his laptop home tonight so that I could blog. Very thankful for that.

Soooooo...what you may have been waiting for....the weigh in....When I left for vacation I was down 19.2 pounds. I managed to only gain 1/2 pound while on vacation, which I thought was really good. I ate a lot of fresh amazing fruit, and fresh fish. I did a lot of walking, swimming, snorkeling, and even worked out in the gym a couple of times. I did good through Christmas, and even got down to 223.8 for a couple of days right after...but that following week at home with my family at home....we basically hibernated. That brings me to todays weigh in of: 225.2. My total weight loss now is 18.4 pounds. I am SOOO close to that 20 mark I can taste it! I am on day 1 of my 2 day detox that I get to do every 2 weeks with my LA weightloss plan. I usually lose 2 to 3 pounds from that. I am hoping! I have another reason to step it up though now. A couple of days ago my husband mentioned that this conference he has really wanted to attend is in a couple of weeks. I have decided to go with him, it is in St Petersburg, Florida. It's only going to be 60 degrees or so while we are there...but at least it won't be negative 25 degrees like it is here NOW!

I don't know how long it will be before I am able to blog again. I am hoping it will be before the end of the week. I will leave you with a couple of pictures from Hawaii...


  1. Welcome back to blog-land! :) Are you still planning to do Weigh-in Wednesdays? I'm thinking about linking up if you do!

  2. Yes! I definitely want to do Weigh in Wednesdays, I just can't guarantee my computer will be up and running again by this Wednesday. I am hoping though! I would LOVE if you link up and join in!