Sunday, February 28, 2010


When a camera appears....the cheesy grin reveals. Never fails.
To get a picture of him WITHOUT a cheesy grin, you have to take him by surprise.
Because he knows what the camera means.
Good thing his cheesy grin is my favorite! His favorite words are: "tickle tickle tickle", "zae-zae" (which is short for Xavier), "Papa" (my dad), "dis" (this), "all gone", "bye". And the only thing he has learned from his Your Baby Can Read videos: Arms Up! He does it every time.
Oh, and speaking of my camera...I dropped it yesterday and now it won't turn on. First my laptop, now my camera. Hmm...and Christmas and my birthday have passed....maybe we should start celebrating St. Patties day with electronic presents. Think it will work?
River turned 16 months old on the 22nd.


  1. I love that cheesy grin - adorable!

  2. super cute! i love the cheesy grin, i mean, at least he doesn't run and hide from the camera! haha!

    love your blog!

  3. Thank you! It is fun to watch him grow and for his personality & temperment start to shine through.

    Thanks for stopping by Sara! I will be checking out your blog as well!