Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Derailed Train Has Been Set Back On Its Track

Hallelujah!!!!!! My weight loss train journey..which was recently derailed by a "throw all caution to the wind" trip to Floriday with my hubby..IS BACK ON TRACK! We left for Florida on January 17th, were there for one week. Between January 17th and Saturday February 20th, I managed to put back on 8.6 pounds! Yeah...that is a lot of cake, cream cheese frosting, valentine's day, my birthday, Superbowl party....it was fun while it lasted. However I will tell you that by Saturday the 20th, I really felt horrible. Bloated, pants getting tight again, weeding through the clothes that I had just recently put away. So I decided that Sunday was my official re-start, get re-focused day. I started my 2 day LA Weightloss detox. I lost a total of 7 pounds in 2 days. The detox isn't anything crazy that makes you go to the bathroom like a colon cleanse. Basically for 2 days I eat meat, green veggies, and I drink this fruit Take Off drink 4 times a day. Losing 7 pounds in 2 days tells me that most of the weight that I had gained was water weight gained mostly by all the sodium and sugar I was shoveling into my mouth.

I already feel like I have more energy, even though I am actually sick right now. My asthma has been acting up with a little bronchial flare up I acquired after both of my sons have been battling sickness the last 3 weeks. I am optimistic that I am going to beat the sickness without going and getting a bunch of steroids and meds that I will be addicted to again.

On a side note: I still don't have a computer of my own. Right now I am using the churches laptop, because our associate Pastor who usually has it is gone for a couple of weeks. It is a slow dino. I don't know when I will have a computer of my own again, but I am hoping it is soon. I do have 2 money jars that I could drain, one for Vacation Fund, the other is Furniture Fund. Oh, and the $658 I spent to get all 4 tires on my van fixed and my windshield replaced...didn't help matters. Boy, this living with a budget deal does have its ups and downs. It will all be good in the long run, when we are young and debt free. I can't imagine what bondage people have to live in that live paycheck to paycheck to live in huge houses, brand new cars...etc. Although I would love a new mini-van with Sto & Go storage, heated seats, a CD player, DVD players for the kids...driving around in my van that I payed cash for is comforting. Having our school loans paid off, a breath of fresh air. Having our credit cards paid off, unbelievable. Knowing that the only debt that we have is our home....relaxing. Yes, still we require a hefty paycheck to make our ends meet, but that is because we are putting money into retirement and college funds, and sending extra to have our house paid off faster, building up a savings so that we don't have to be in constant fear of the furnace going out, or the need of getting new tires for our vehicle. Fear doesn't control us.

Well, enough ramblings for one morning. Need to scrounge up something healthy to eat for lunch!

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