Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

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I was not totally elated when I woke up this morning and found that my husband had left his laptop at home on accident. I did not totally think about texting him to remind him that he had left it here...but then decide against it because the longer it is here the longer I can use it. I would never be so selfish...not me! A good loving wife would run right over to his office and deliver it, along with a wonderfully cooked lunch, all fancied up in my dress and pearls. I am not really sitting here in my fleece Christmas pajama top and a pair of cacky pants because that was all that was upstairs available to me. I would not be so lazy that I don't want to walk all the way down the stairs and back up again just to get a clean pair of clothes.

I did not ask my husband last night what he would like me to be wearing when he gets home from work this evening. I did not say this in a admission of guilt that I don't always have myself looking put together by the time he gets home, and I know that I should attempt to be nicely put together daily...not every 3 or 4 days. Not me! My husband did not also tell me that he would like to have something other than chicken because chicken is all we ever eat. Nope, I have creative healthy meals always cooked and sitting on the table when he gets home. I never cook chicken and sautee veggies nearly every night lately because it is the easiest....and because when I go outside of that routine it is easier for me to faulter with my weight loss journey.

Speaking of my weight loss journey...I did NOT gain 5 pounds back while on my week like trip to Florida with my husband. I did not throw caution to the wind and just eat whatever I wanted. Every full flavored, full fat, fully buttered, salted, sugared food item that was set before me. I did not look forward to the meals than anything else on the entire trip...even more than shopping!

Did I mention that right before our trip that I found out that the hard drive on my laptop crashed?!?!?!!? Did I mention that I didn't have ANY kind of back up on my computer for all the pictures, videos, spreadsheets, documents that I have created in the last year! Did I mention that I totally blamed MY HUSBAND.. wait a minute...NO I didn't! I would never do that! I would never blame someone else for their incisting that I have my computer looked at...I would never not own up to the fact that it really is my fault that I never got around to backing up my files. I would never blame it all on the fact that my husband decided to "fix" my computer and add an application that was supposed to speed it up...but instead it messed it up and caused the need for a fix.

Here is the best part...I totally did not feel a little relief when I remembered that I have a bazillion photos uploaded to my Facebook account. Never did I think that Facebook would be my backup photo system. Not ME!

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  1. Sorry to hear about you computer crashing! that totally sucks! Glad to hear you had a great time in FL. I wish I could take a vacation..:) I gave you an award on my blog tonight. How is the weight loss going? mine is going not so great... UGH!