Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Randomness of my life...

Xavier, our 11 year old son, had a wrestling tournament 2 Saturdays ago.
It was his 4th tournament this year. He has done pretty good. He is a really determined and driven little wrestler.
River enjoys being toted around in my Scootababy sling that I purchased from Heavenly Hold. I LOVE this sling the most out of the 3 I purchased. In close second is my ring sling. I believe I saw Amber from Heavenly Hold mention something about a new and reduced price on the Scootababy! It can hold babies up to 35 pounds!
Here is River admiring himself in the mirror as we awaited Xavier to receive his trophy..
For FIRST PLACE! Way to go Zae! We love you and are proud at how hard you work for your achievements!
River can't wait for his chance to win that big trophy!
I never imagined myself the mother of 2 boys....thought I was always the type that would have really girly girls...but I LOVE BEING A MOM TO BOYS!
We were invited to a Superbowl party at a friends house. We don't really follow pro sports, so didn't really know who to root for. So I let my Facebook friend decide in a friendly competition as to who I should represent on the cake that I made. The Saints won! Although my husband says that my Saints emblem looks like a salamandor...the cake tasted great (In my un-biased opinion of course) in spite of how it looked. Cake baking I can do, cake decorating is a work in progress. This cake was a slimmed down rendition of the famous Rainbow Cake that I got from Mckmama's blog. I have recently started reading Amanda's blog and following her on twitter. She is the creator or the Rainbow Cake and oodles and oodles of yummy sugary creations! You should check her won't be dissappointed!
The inside of my cake was supposed to be yellow and black. Do you know how hard black is to create with food coloring???
I usually make a pretty huge mess when I make the yummy cream cheese frosting! I have some saved left over in the fridge, would be really great on some graham crackers!
This cup of espresso would go great with this Saints cake! I just love my little espresso cup and saucers and the little espresso spoons!
Do you know what else I love??? Avocados! I love them plain, or in wonderful delicious guacamole!
On Saturday we went to Des Moines with my parents and the kids. We went to the Home & Garden show, and then out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. It was to celebrate my mom and I's birthdays (Mine the 8th, hers the 9th)...however my Dad got to choose the location of the restaurant. ahem..... Anyhoo, we went....we ate crab legs, craw fish, shrimp, etc like savages, through the remains in the the comunal bucket in the middle of the table.
My Daddy....(who was admitted into the hospital this morning suffering from the agonizing pain of a kidney stone). I love my Dad!
My Mama! Isn't she pretty?!
River enjoying the music! He is wearing his customized shirt I purchased from Luna B Tee's! I LOVE this shirt! At Joe's Crab Shack they stop everything every 30 minutes or so...dim the lights...crank up the music and all the employees stand in the aisles and dance. At my request they did once last dance before we left, we let River onto the floor to dance. He stole the so, dancing and clapping the whole time! There was a family at the table next to us that was watching, smiling, encouraging River...after the song was over, River turned around and put his arms up to the dad of that table...the dad picked him up (after an approving look from mom first), then proceeded to attempt kissing this stranger straight on the lips! Um yeah...guess we need to start working on the subject of strangers. Gotta love his innocense!
The poor little craw fish who sacrificed their lives for our meal. I will have to say that I will NEVER order them again, it was just too much for me with everything in tact. I will also not be eating at this restaurant again any time soon, I couldn't get the smell of fish off my hands forever! I felt so greasy and in need of a shower by the time we were done! But the family time was priceless.
One of the wonderful things about the Queen of the house of boys...the little presents they hide for you to find. This present was hidden in the threads of the armpit of my sweater. I put it on and couldn't avoid the scratchy pokey present in my armpit. Upon further examination...this was found...
A lovely little fishing lure! Yes...I had a hook in the threads of my sweater, which required needle nose pliers to remove.

Well, that is the end of my randomness for the evening...

Oh...wait, I suppose you want to know how my weight loss is's not. I am up to 224. I am suppose to be honest about this right...well that means admitting to every pound gained  as well. I have managed to gain back 6 pounds since my vacation to Florida! Ready to be back on track. My friend Danielle is doing great though!

Don't give up on me though...I am NOT giving up and I am NOT throwing in the towel. I worked too hard to gain it all back

(Nobody paid me to say this....actually...nobody pays me to say or do anything on my blog...yet...maybe never..who knows?)


  1. Oh my gosh!! A fishing lure in your sweater???!?! Its FUN being a mom of boys! ;)

    I LOVE your Saints cake.. you did a FANTASTIC job!! You are a natural you know. :)

    Cant wait to see more wonderful creations from you!!

  2. I would give just about anything for one bite of that cake. Oh my stars.

    And I am NOT necessarily doing so great. I just weighed in, actually...

  3. This post made me hungry! I love sweets and avocados, too. You are such a talented cake baker and decorator. I am way too intimidated to try allot of it - that is why Bundt pans are my friends;)

    Ouch - that fishing hook looks painful...aye me, life surrounded by boys...gotta love it :)