Friday, April 9, 2010

i am in the hospital

i am attempting to blog from my teeny touch screen phone, while i am layed up in the hospital. so punctuation and just too much to ask me today. i wanted to quick blog to say thank you to all who have shown huge interest on doing a guest blogger segment about raising boys. i am very excited to get this started...soon. but as i mentioned earlier i was admitted to the hospital at 5:30 this morning. thinking i could be here through the weekend. we decided to bring me in after 12 hrs of constant asthma attacks at home with no relief from deep barking coughs every 30 seconds. took the drs quite awhile to stabilize me. 17 hours in all before the slew of shots and ivs and pills they shoved at me allowed me to breath better. so for now i am here getting pumped full of steroids, antibiotics, etc. while i am down, i hope that all who are interested in guest posting would email me @ . by midweek we should be able to get this party started! i cant wait!

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