Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm home! Yeah!

I am home! I got discharged from the hospital and arrived home around 1:00 on Saturday. Much to my husband had recruited one of our Home Revitalization employees to clean our home. Can I just say that this really really helped reduce the stress of knowing that life at home doesn't stop just because I was in the hospital? My laundry is done, the house is dust free, the kitchen and bathroom are spotless. And all my papers are neatly filed away crammed into a laundry basket and thrown into our closet...I guess I can't escape quite everything, but it's worth a shot!

How am I feeling? Thanks for asking! I am feeling better than the horrible 18 hour asthma attack I had Thursday 7:00 PM to Friday 1:00 PM. I literally coughed...not just a little tickle cough, deep barking can't stop cough..every 30 seconds for those 18 hours. It was rough, and the best part...I peed my pants with every cough! It was lovely. I have had 2 kids, and have experienced the occassional trickle with a sneeze...but constant incontanance...that was a new one for me (the nurse called it stress incontanance). Finally, after having to change my clothes several times, by the time I had been in the ER for a couple of hours...I got to try out my very first Depends! I am serious! Depends! I am only 31...what in the world was I doing wearing Depends! If there is anything that makes you feel old really is that! They did the trick though, and that was nice to have some protection. They pumped me full of meds via IV, and got me under control. I got good rest while in there.

I am on strong meds at home, which make me jittery and HUNGRY!!!!! If you remember back at the beginning of my weight loss journey..where I announced that my starting weight was 243.6 pounds...yes, that's right...if you are new to my blog, and several of you are...if you go back far enough you will see that I announced my weight to the world. Back in that original post I mentioned that several bouts with my asthma had caused me to be on steroids, which were the demise of weight loss attempts back then. I am determined to not let the steroids get me down this time. I will conquer this bout of asthma, and I will not gain a bazillion pounds in the process. First step, as soon as I can get out of the house, is to fill my kitchen with good choices only! I am drinking lots and lots of water. Right now I am at 224, so I am still down 20 pounds, but haven't been able to get back down to the 25 that I had lost. This sickness has renewed the importance in me. Having asthma is hard, but having asthma with extra weight pushing against your lungs makes it even harder. It is not fair to my family that I can't go outside and play with them like I should be able to. I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I have all the tools that I need. I have the "know how", I have the supportive husband (except for the chips and salsa he keeps bringing into the house that I ask him not to), I have a membership to Anytime Fitness, a good friend who is the manager and willing to help me in any way shape or form I need. I have blog reader supporters and friends that will do this with me. I CAN DO THIS! Oh and...I have until May 1st to lose at least 10 pictures. ;o)

Ok, I am getting tired, so gonna cut this mid-thought!

Welcome to all my new followers! The raising boys segment will be up and going soon!

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  1. Glad you are back at home and feeling better. Sounds like your first experience with Depends was an okay one. Hope you start doing better and better!