Friday, April 23, 2010

Life's Lemons

Kristin & Chris Ann from Love Feast Table have a weekly theme on Fridays. It is Fancy Friday...but not just anything fancy, this week is Fancy Friday Lemons. I had planned on blogging about the new Rhubarb~Lemonade recipe that I had found. I was going to have a couple of girlfriends over, serve my new lemonade and sit on my work-in-progress back patio. However...I was handed a lemon this week. Now, lemons are beautiful, vibrant, and smell beautiful! I even read in a magazine today that squeezing a lemon and breathing in the aroma released from the oils in the lemon peel is considered a stress relief. However...when you bite into a is sour...and sour is good...with a little sugar to ease it down. I was going to bow out and not join in this week, however the theme couldn't be more fitting for me on this day.

My Lemon is:


Two weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital with a severe asthma attack. I was there for 1 night and then sent home on meds. Well…on Wednesday I ended up back in the hospital with it again…this time with only 25% breathing capacity…which is really bad. This bout had me there for 2 nights. I got home late this afternoon.

Now, I could sit here and feel sorry for myself and get depressed about all the meds I have to be on, or that I don’t get to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, or that my meds make me bloat up like a balloon.

Or….I could take my lemon and make something beautiful with it.

I was able to spend a couple of days relaxing, reading magazines…

Putting together a beautiful, bright, cheery, puzzle…

Catch up on some TV shows, talked to plenty of friends via text and email.

And on day 3, today, I started thinking about the beautiful lemony projects I have been working on at home.

My herbs that I planted a week ago have began to sprout through the soil.

The pretty little lemony table I bought a week ago is a great place to house some of those herbs.

My bistro table on my front porch is currently sporting some beautiful yellow flowers I recently picked up.

My back porch is coming together with some bright cheery d├ęcor I have been finding.

I have this yummy lemon scented WoodWick candle to burn whenever I need a stress relief.

I have this wonderful Jura Cappresso E8 coffee machine at home, with our own fresh roasted coffee beans...and I don't have to drink nasty hospital coffee every day!

Oh, and I have these 2 beautiful little faces to come home to. What can be more inspiring than that?

I will get through this. Asthma will not conquer me. My life isn’t over yet. I have too many things to live for, and many more lemony concoctions to create!

How about you? What do you create with life’s lemons?


  1. Janelle!
    We are so glad you posted! Your post is beautiful and personal. We love how you've turned your lemon around! We hope and pray you're feeling better!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kristin and Chris Ann

  2. Beautiful post! Being in the hospital is no fun...I've been there a few times myself! But you manage to make it sound like a mini-vacation! Good for you!