Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

I have been sick...I mean so sick I went to the ER Saturday night sick...and since I've been sick, my dear husband has been in charge of the kids while I have been zombied out on meds and sleeping lots and lots. Which has been great! However, I am not totally and utterly heartbroken now because my 17 month old wants NOTHING to do with me! He will not come to me, he waves and says "bye-bye" when ever I come near him. All he wants is daddy. I did NOT try to bribe him back to me by giving him his Easter toys today...Nope, not ME! I would never bribe my childrens love! Cause I definitely know better to know that the second Daddy goes back to work tomorrow, he will be my baby again. I don't think his mommy hiatus has anything to do with the fact that mommy looks like she has been ran over by a truck...oh no...I don't think it has anything to do with the slight sickness stench that has bestowed upon my body. Nope, not me!

It is not me who is wondering if I can pull of being sick another day just so my husband will continue to do laundry and clean the house! Not me! I wouldn't be so sick that I could care less if my whites are now pink and my pants are now size 2's! is not me! Who hasn't blogged for an entire month! entire MONTH! Crazy! Somehow with not blogging I still received new followers! How exciting!

How about you? What have you not done this week? Care to confess not confess, then join in on MckMama's Not Me! Monday!

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