Monday, April 12, 2010

Quack Quack!

When the weather gets nice, my husband has an obsession with wanting to take the family to go feed the ducks. Over and over he will say..."Let's go feed the ducks". This is something from his childhood, which is why he loves it. I knew the day was coming...that he would want to take River to feed the ducks for the first time, I just didn't know that I would have to miss out on that experience. However, my hubby grabbed the camera on the way out, and captured some wonderful moments of his first duck feeding experience. I wanted to share a few of them:

Here is the introduction to the ducks. This park that this lake is at, happens to be named after my Grandfather-in-law....who my husband happens to be named after. So, not only feeding the ducks is special, but where it was done is special as well.
Big brother Xavier is very protective of his little brother, and also can be a little bit of a worrier like mom. Probably from our first 5 years together while I was single parenting him. He is gettin a lot better...and I am trying.

James says that if they hadn't held onto River he would have ran right into the water after the ducks. This is where being a mom to boys comes in...if I had been there, my mothering ways would have freaked out at the thought and held onto him for dear life the whole time we were there.

Wow, can I just say how much I LOVE this photo!

Then I guess once the ducks came up to the land, River chased them down.

This is where I would have freaked about the possibility of them biting him...or for goodness sake the GERMS!

Hey guys...wait!I want to play!

This concludes the first ever duck feeding for River, who is 17 months 21 days old. It appears he had a blast!


  1. Aww...these are too cute! I would have had a hard time missing this experience too! Thank goodness for photos! He did great!

  2. Looks like fun! Sorry you had to miss it, what a good hubby (and daddy) to remember the camera....and get some awesome shots I might add!