Friday, April 30, 2010

Why did we get modern?

Xavier to me: "Why did the world have to get modern?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

Xavier: "Why did we have to get modern, like"

Me: "Well, the longer people are on this earth, the longer they have to think about new inventions and how they can make new things work to make our lives easier. Why don't you want it to be modern?"

Xavier: "I just want to live like the Indians did. I want to live out in the wilderness and live off of the earth."

Me: "Maybe when you get older you can move to Wyoming and own your own cowboy ranch? That would be fun right?!"

Xavier: "No, I don't want to be a cowboy, I want to be an Indian...because you know we already have Indian in us. It's in my blood ya know."

(My great great great (3 or 5 or so) Grandmother on my moms side was a full Cherokee Indian. AND we are related to Daniel Boone on my Dad's side. My husband is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder somehow too. So, I guess we do have all that outdoorsy stuff in our past. Not to mention Xavier's African American roots. Although we have no clue on its origin since his biological father was adopted as a baby.)

Me: "I guess we could move to Africa and live out in the middle of nowhere and be missionaries, then we would kinda live like the Indians. Do you want to do that?"

Xavier: "Really? Sure!"

Me: "Choke choke...cough cough...eating words...But we would be very far away from the rest of our family if we did that."

Xavier: "Ok, then nevermind."

Me: Thinking: PHew! That was close! (One of these days I will make it to Africa. But will admit I am afraid that I will never want to leave.)

In are some of my favorite pictures of Xavier. The shirt off photos were taking at our local arboretum last Fall. The camp photos were taken in our backyard of the tent that he built and slept in one night...alone...until about 3:00 AM. Xavier is 11.
Xavier's hair is now short.

His firepit he made (which I did not let him sleep with a fire next to him, I took a candle out there for him and let it burn the whole night.) Then the other is the "tree" he planted. Oh and...the evergreen he used to build his tent...not sure where that came from, as we have NO trees in our yard at all. Oops...sorry neighbors. ;)


  1. That's so sweet! Good for him! What a resourceful boy!! And, what a great mom to talk with and help him create experiences like this that will spark some sort of wonderful vocation in his adult life!! Awesome. ~Chris Ann

  2. Love it! What a great heritage...and I love the question about getting modern. I'm with him - seems like things were a lot simpler and better before we "got modern". Fun post!