Friday, May 14, 2010

Fancy Friday Glass

It is time for Fancy Friday! A fun creation inspired by the minds of Chris Ann & Kristen of Love Feast Table. Aside from their wonderful recipe's, delicious restaurant reviews, and impecible taste for beautiful things in general...Fridays are dedicated to all things FANCY! I love it! I hope you check them out, and maybe consider joining in on the Fancy Friday link up too!

Each week there is a theme to their fancy...this week it is Fancy Glass! I love glass things, especially colored glass vases. Here are a few things from my collection.
The curvy glass vase was an antique store find. I know nothing about its age or origin...I just know that when I saw it, I thought it was beautiful.
Oh, and I would appreciate if you would pretend like there was no dust on my shelf or glass objects. ;o)
The green vase is just something I picked up from a store that cought my eye.
This chandelier in my living room is one of the things that caught my fancy when I first stepped into this house when I was on the house hunt back in 2002. I was a single mom back then, and I couldn't afford the biggest house on the block...but my small little home has charm and of course this fancy chandelier.
See these glass front cabinets? Well...this is something a man, my husband anyways, would say..."Why do we need to add a whole cabinet in our kitchen redo, just for you to put stuff in to show?". Well honey, its what us girls do. At least this girl.
This was a wedding present, at first...I didn't know what to think of it. We could have used money, or maybe some of the essential items that were on our registry..this? Why did they get us this? It wasn't until later did I come to appreciate and love this little glass perfume "thingy". so much so that I bought another one.
I bought this one in a charming little store down in Old St. Charles, Mo. If you EVER get the opportunity to go shopping in Old St. Charles, you must...absolutely must! It is beautiful down there!
I love colored glass and mosaic glass. These mosaic pieces were some of my first glass collections. I would love to learn how to do this some day.
But these...oh these beautiful blue vases...they are my NEW FAVORITE! The 3 on the left were antique store finds, the one on the right was from an art gallery here in town. I would have to say that the 3rd one is my favorite of all.
I am really going through a blue phase. The color just seems to make me happy when I see it.
The blue just seems so crisp, clean, alive.
These vintage glasses we use every day. We received them from my husbands Grandmas estate when she passed. We could box them up and preserve them...but what better way to remember someone then by actually using them.
Recent antique store finds. Currently housed in my front porch.
And so excited that the paneling in my front porch will soon be a thing of the past!
This beautful lamp was a gift from my husband. One of those, unexpected its not even a holiday did you do something wrong gifts. Of course he didn't, he is just a thoughtful person like that. And I might add he has good taste.
I went to my moms house today, and captured some photos of a few of her very old fancy pieces of glass. She went through and tried to tell me where they all came from and what they were. Quite day has been crazy and I now can't remember. Maybe I will come back soon and fill in the blanks. None-the-less however, they are still all beautiful, and almost all have to do with grandmas and great grandmas.
I do remember this one is depression glass.
And this cinderella watch, which was my moms from when she was little, is housed in its original packaging...a glass slipper. It still works!
My mom made this glass shadow box, and it houses some of her most precious treasures from her families heritage. This has to be one of my favorite things that my mom has. What a perfect way to put a collage of history all together.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Fancy Glass!


  1. Yeah!! We love your post and are so happy you participated in Fancy Friday!! I especially love your vintage glasses and your mom's depression glass! I think you could easily learn how to mosaic and would love to virtually watch as you do it! *hint*hint*
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    ~Kristin (and Chris Ann)

  2. I really enjoyed this post. It was almost like browsing at an antique shop...which I love to do but don't do often as I have little ones!