Saturday, May 29, 2010

Home is...Beautiful Art & Photography

This is a wonderful linkup from The Reluctant Entertainer. Each week the beginning is "Home is...", and then each week is a different theme. If you know me by now, you will know that I love anything that has to do with my home! I hope you enjoy!

This is our Rodney Lough Jr. Original. Our one piece of "investment" art. Besides being an investment, this picture of the Grand Titans is a picture we could just stare at and dream. I dream of the husband dreams of the trout he could catch fly fishing in that water.

Collage of various pictures, Willow Tree figurines, and a couple pieces of art made by my son.
A beautiful mirror you see right when you walk in my front door. Was told by our kitchen designer that if you don't have a open area when you walk in your home, that a mirror is your best option to create a welcoming feeling.
Our faith is on the wall in our home. The figurine on the right was a gift to me from my husband that he brought back from his missions tripi to Africa.
A wedding gift from my family which my husband used to hate, and now it fits right in with our home.
Our family photo.
Picture on top is a creation I purchased from Your Memory Lane. It is a timeline collage of our first 5 years of marriage. When you sign up with them, they give you this big long questionaire about what you want on the picture, then they pic and choose from the information and create for you this awesome keepsake/timeline. The vehicles in the picture are the same as ones we have owned. Even the street names on the picture have meaning meant for us. It is just awesome! It was a gift from me to my husband on our 5 year anniversary last year.

The three photos underneath are fall photos I took in Minnesota last October. My idea was to change the photos out throughout the seasons of the year, and is spring...and the pictures are still fall. Oops.
More ironwork. I love all kinds of iron works.
More collages on our wall.

Collage on left was a gift from my husband to me on our first Christmas together. It has our wedding vows that we wrote and the 1 Corinthians, Love is patient, Love is kind... Photos on the right are of James & I as kids.
Some simple little paintings I picked up from a local store.
A painting I created using real coffee beans and grounds.
Doesn't every family have to get an old time photo sometime? It was fun. ;o)
Corkboard on our closet door in our bedroom, filled with art and notes from our son Xavier.
This wall just makes me happy every time I look at it. This orange and blue picture in particular is my favorite. He made it in 2nd grade, and I am going to be getting it matted and framed soon.
I know I am late for the link up....but I just discovered you tonight! And I love your blog...and I love this linkup assignment! So, I couldn't resist! I look forward to joining in on more in the future! The Reluctant entertainer is a wonderful blog if you have not yet checked her out!

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