Thursday, May 20, 2010

My ridiculous collection

Hair products and lotions! Yes, I have a slight obsession with buying way more hair products and lotions that I need. When my James & I were engaged, and he was helping me to clean the house to prepare for him to move in after the may possibly be true that we filled an entire garbage bag full of hair products and lotions...just possibly though. ;o) These days though, I try to be conscience of how much I have on hand and how much I buy. Part of my lotion fetish has to do with me being in a constant pursuit of rescuing my dry-cracked-bleeding hands. The other part is being on vacation or somewhere, and not having any lotion on hand, and my hands start to really bother me, so I buy yet another bottle. Here are a few pictures to out myself of this ridiculous collection...

Um...unfortunately this isn't my entire collection. There are even more in a pretty basket next to my side of the bed.
Absolutely LOVE this moroccan oil. One is a Hydrating styling cream, which I use when I style my hair with its natural curl. The other is an oil treatment that I put on my hair before I dry it. I LOVE the smell of both. Yes, they are pretty expensive, even I felt a little silly for paying that much for hair products. The oil treatment was $43!!!
I would say my favorite non-salon brand of hair product is the Frizz-Ease brand. I use it mostly for my curly hair days...which I do mostly because it takes too long and my patience is too little for me to straighten it.
My Mary Kay subtle tanning lotion is my favorite self-tanning lotion. It has never turned my skin orange. It is "subtle" because you can put the lotion on daily as a lotion...and it subtly gets darker, but never too dark.
My new favorite hand lotion is Gloves in a Bottle which I purchased through my pharmacy. I never use scented products on my hands and it is thick, but not greasy.
How about you? Do you have a ridiculous collection?

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  1. Love Feast TableMay 20, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    I love the morrocan oil too, Chris Ann