Saturday, May 29, 2010


I know, I might want to sent a doctor...I have blogged so much this week that I must have been replaced by someone else! You really want to know the reason I am motivated? Well...I have been reunited with my laptop. You know...the one that supposedly crashed, and all my files that were not backed up were supposedly gone forever...the pictures and videos of my sons entire first year....the computer that the local computer repair man told me was toast...yes...that's the one. Well...turns out, my husband and I were on our way into Best Buy to buy a new computer...we decided to go ahead and take my laptop in for kicks. I was certain I hadn't purchased an additional warranty and since it was supposedly toast there was nothing they could do...right? W - R - O - N - G!!!!!! I DID purchase an additional warranty, and I DID have 4 months left on it. They took it in, and in a matter of overnight..fixed it! AND ALL MY PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ARE THERE...CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH!!!?? Oh, and I have an external hard drive for back up now, and will be working on backing up my pics and videos to DVD's soon as well!

As many or maybe only a couple of you husband & I own a carpet cleaning and restoration of the perks of owning your own business, and having getting to use your kids for marketing. Our 11 year wishes not to participate, because it would be too "embarassing"...but our 19 month old...he doesn't know any better and is quite the ham when it comes to the camera. We did a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Two objectives:

A. Photos of him with a cell phone...for something like "have you called Integrity yet? or maybe...have you called a friend and told them about Integrity yet?

B. Photos to be used for our fire restoration marketing tools. We got permission to come to the fire station to take pictures with anything we wanted!

All credit goes to our wonderful photographer, John Lee Photography. He really does an incredible job, and is always accomodating for whatever crazy ideas we have for photo shoots! Here are a few of my favorites:


  1. Haleluah! am glad you got your laptop fixed and recovered your pics. External Hard drives are also not reliable my dear, any disaster can mess them up. I suggest that you also get alternative backup online. There are tons of options on internet, click what suits your demands. Personally, I use They have 3GB free which never expires if can also try it. It's done me good.

  2. He is too cute! I think I would have had a heart attack if I lost all my pictures.....I know I would!