Friday, June 18, 2010

The great outdoors!

Our gardening attempts in the past years hasn't always been pleasant. We are all gung-ho in the beginning...spend lots of money, but lots of seeds, plant way to huge of a garden. Then, we are good with it for still happens. Every year that we have gardened, it ends it a fury of huge overgrown weeds, and produce that just rots away because we lose interest.

Last year we didn't even try, we new with River being so little that I definitely wouldn't want anything to do with it, and James didn't want the entire responsibility.

However, this year...It is past the mid-June point and we are still doing good. We didn't plant too much, planted just enough. It still isn't fancy by any means, and there are definitely weeds, but not many..and still manageable. We have been enjoying fresh spinach and romaine lettuce for a couple of weeks now. More produce is soon to come.

Two poles of sugar snap peas, One pole with beans. To the right is the romaine lettuce. Front left are our cucumbers.
The romaine lettuce is almost done. We pulled the rest of the spinach, and planted another round just today.
Amongst the weeds there you will see a few carrot stems. To the right is where the onions should have grown, but we have yet to see anything there.
This whole section is my miracle.
You see..a couple of weeks ago Xavier, our 11 year old, was asked to pull weeds in the garden. He naturally got bored and tried to find a way to make it faster. So...he found the weed killer and poured a very highly concentrated amount of it all over this section of the garden. This is where my tomatoes and peppers will soon be. Every day I look out my window expecting to see brown, and to our surprise...everything is still green and growing.
Here is our cucumber plant. I am so excited to be growing it in the cage this year! Instead of letting it takeover the garden.
Pole Beans.

Well...that is it for our little garden tour! Thanks for stopping by!

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