Wednesday, July 28, 2010


While in the process of creating the ability to purchase online on our (J&J Inspirations) website...and watching my web designer navigate around the page, changing this, changing that...I finally found out that adding "pages" to my blog is SUPER easy. And this excites me! Organizing my posts in categories is fun! I really do like lists, whether I adhere to them or actually use them all the time...I do like them...and my mind works better using them. I would like to introduce the first two pages to you!

Raising Boys page is the hub for listing all the posts in my series. It lists both the posts that are published, and a link to the people who are lined up to guest post next!

Weight Loss Rollercoaster page is where I have all of my posts in regards to my weight loss...ahem...or weight gains at times. If you have been around this blog for awhile you will remember that back in November I revealed my weight to the world. I don't know what possessed me to publish this number that I have fought my entire life to hide behind...but I did it and there is no going back. (Well, unless I deleted it of course...but I don't want to do that because freedom is wonderful!) There isn't always success to read on these posts...but is the brutal honesty of the weight struggles that I go through every day.

Future pages I plan to add: Arts & Crafts and Food

I can't believe I never did this before! It was so easy!


  1. Too crazy because I just added my pages yesterday! btw...still talking with adam about the workout you still have it?

  2. What a great idea! I have pages for my about me, blogs I love, and such, but never thought of it for posts. Thanks for the idea!