Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raising Boys-Guest Post 2

Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing you to my second guest poster, Marilyn. get to read her wonderful post about her experience in raising her son. She doesn't just have boys, but I think it is equally important to talk about how the of raising boys differs in a home with raising of girls as well!

 How having my son has raised ME!

Where do I start when it comes to raising my boy, wait scratch that, I think having him has RAISED me! I am a better mother now that I have a son, he has introduced a whole new side of silly to my life! I had my girls first, they have been cute and fun and girls, very dramatic and sweet, but with my son James I have come to know this whole new love and appreciation for the difference of the two.
James spent the first few days of his life in the NICU because he decided to stop breathing 3 times shortly after he was born. I think it was his way of making sure we were paying attention, because he has been healthy and happy ever since! James was the most mellow baby that I had experienced, he slept through the night from the beginning and brought a calm to my life that I had yet to establish to that point. He is sweet and yet ALL BOY! He jumps, kicks, punches, vroom vrooms, Hi Ya's, and then gives me the biggest hugs as a finale!
I never thought I would be a good mom to a son, I grew up with 3 sisters and a brother who is 6 years my junior, so my knowledge was limited and jaded by the Horror stories I had heard from friends! I had heard that boys where gross, dirty, smelly, and did things like peeing from top bunks, so my desire to have a son was limited. My husband didn't grow up with the best of example for a father so he was timid as well, but from the moment our son was born it was like we had ALWAYS prayed for a boy!!

I love watching him play and laugh at himself, I think he is the funniest person he knows, just like his Dad. He doesn't need much to entertain himself, and can find anything to use as a weapon, sticks, rocks, brooms, vacuum attachments, feather dusters, it has truly broadened my perspective of potential hazards!! He LOVES movies like Spider Man, Harry Potter, Matilda, Kung Fu Panda or "Fu Panda" as he calls it, so different from what my girls were watching at his age (2 1/2).

I really could go on and on on the lessons he has taught me, but I think the biggest one has been to relax more and feel free to wrestle whenever the urge hits. In fact his favorite phrase is "FOOTBALL" and then he tackles you!! I LOVE it and hope he never stops! I feel blessed and fortunate to be his mom and be his care taker and hope that when he gets older and is married that he won't leave me to live closer to Her family :) One can hope, right??

Thank you for the opportunity to share my love of my son! ~ Marilyn

I am in LOVE with the kissy face picture! Is there a mom out there that doesn't do this to her kids? And the fun giggles that go with it are the BEST. Thanks again to Marilyn for stopping by for a chat! If you would like to read Round 1 of the Raising Boys series, go here.


  1. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Adorable! I feel the same. I was worried about having a boy since I felt that I would relate better with a girl, but there is nothing quite like my little man!

    I'm with ya, I hope he doesn't move far!

  3. I don't have a son yet, and have felt a little fear (and anxiety) about some of the "horror stories" that Marylin mentioned-- but reading that makes me really want to have one. :) Thanks Marylin!!

  4. absolutely love love love the kissie face photo...too cute!!

  5. I hear you on the weapons thing-- my DS literally will make anything that has any sort of handle or stick into a sword. I've had to learn how to let go of so many things, since I tend to be uptight. I used to think I'd be a germaphobe super cautious mom, and while I haven't thrown caution to the curb, I've definitely learned that life's too short not to eat leaves and dirt :)