Friday, August 20, 2010

$2.50 Mantle Makeover reveal

Here I posted about a $2.50 fireplace mantle makeover that I did for my friend Jane. And today I will show you what I used for the makeover. When I walked into Target I fully intended to find some wrapping paper that matched the decor of Jane's living room. However, I could not. So then I was onto the card section. Found some close contendors but it still wasn't quite right. I decided to venture down one more aisle...the party aisle. Can I just say that next time I plan a party I am going to Target because their plate, napkins, etc. accessories are beautiful and super trendy! I SHOULD have grabbed a snapshot, but I must not be a "real" blogger yet because I still get nervous when taking photos of random things with people all around me wondering what in the world this crazy lady is doing snapping a photo of paper plates and napkins.

So, here it is. My reveal. Hold on to your hat because it is monumental. Ok, maybe not.
Yep, I used napkins to transform this once bland and boring mantle that was filled with blank picture frames...

to something with a little more color and not so naked.
And the reveal result? Jane noticed it immediately upon entering her place and squeeled with excitement! So glad she did not banish me from her place for re-decorating while staying with her this week! And she couldn't even tell that they are napkins in the frames!

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  1. those are pretty! that's crazy you used napkins..makes me think of what i could hang on my bare walls upstairs.. :D