Friday, August 20, 2010

BlogLove Fancy Friday

This is Fancy Friday, BlogLove edition.

On Sunday I started out for a little adventure. A venture up North to be surrounded by beautiful people and to breathe in the air of my norwegian roots.

There were 2 objectives for this trip. #1: Join up with fellow bloggers at BlogLove event hosted by LoveFeast Table. #2: Enjoy time with my friend since the 5th grade, Jane.

Both objectives were fulfilled with 100% success.

When Chris Ann & Kristen even slightly hinted that they would be hosting a BlogLove event in the Minneapolis area, I am sure I could be seen in the front row raising hand high, waving "Ooohh oohh oooh, me me me, pick me, please!!!!". A four hour trek is nothing when you are determined to have fun with a bunch of blogger women, oh and 1 brave blogger man (who has an amazing looking upside down grill pizza recipe I just have to try!)

What an awesome way to display the drinks! item on my list #5,889,000: Find me a basin like that.
Do you see those beautiful platters full of fruit?
Kicking myself for not buying that candleabra that I wanted to!
Beautiful swag bags created by Kelli! Kelli has a custom drapery business and does gorgeous quality work!
She made 40 of these bags! That is definitely Bloglove!
I even had the honor of giving away one of our very own products. This vintage style apron now has a new home with Kristen of High Heels and a Hammer. Oh, and Mela...I forgive you for trying to swipe my dress form. ;o)
Chris Ann & Kristen speaking to us about what Bloglove is. For me it was a chance to be inspired by beautiful, talented women. A chance to smile, laugh, and have fun. A chance to google over amazing finds from Camille on Rouge!
It was a chance to actually meet and talk to Erin from House of Turquoise! Oh how I wish I LIVED in her blog!
Great to hear their are people out there that are concerned and looking out for the best interest of bloggers and handmade creators protection. Jensen Haus does just that!

Speaking f Mela, getting to hug her again and talk to her confirms even more for me that she is marvelous and spectacular women who is following her passion.
Did I mention that I actually got to meet Gussy? Oh yeah..I did...and my start struckdom was quickly eased when I got to speak to her and see her sincere heart in person!
I know this picture is fuzzy, but the way the gal in grey was standing was just too cute! Looked like a model!
My apron next to the intoxicately good food table.
Devon may never hear the end of it until he gives up his recipe to his Spanish Ceaser salad. Devon is Kristen (of LoveFeast) chef husband! How lucky is she!
yummmmm, Manchego Cheese
So glad CA found another party bird to add to her collection!
If you have not checked out Camille on Rouge in Prior lake, it is a must see!
What a beautiful way to be greeted!
When my ride was going to be late, I can't say that I was upset at all that I had to go to Chris Ann's house for a little after party. Actually, I was super excited! I wasn't ready to be done. Who am I kidding, I wasn't even ready to be done when I had to leave the after party!
I have seen this chalkboard in their blog, but fell in love when I saw it in person.
What else do I love? This amazing table!
Group photo attempt take 1. Chris Ann, why aren't you looking at the camera?
Group photo attempt take 20. Chrisa Ann! the camera is over here!
Group photo attempt take 25. Wait? What camera do we look at? There were only 6 to choose from.
Group photo Take 6,355,789 Kristen...why are you checking your phone! ;o) Chris look really pretty in this picture. Other Kristen, You are a trooper and win best smile award.

For a complete list of who all attended the Minnesota Bloglove party, go here.
To see more beautiful and much more professional photos of Bloglove, go to Suzanne's Facebook page. Here are a few more photos Suzanne took.
Who knew taking a picture of someone taking a picture could turn out so cool!  Thanks for the great photo of the swag fabric corsage buttons that we donated to the swag bags! last group photo:

Front row: left to right: Me, Allison from O My Family Blog, Maggie from Gussy, Jen from Coconut Belly, Back: Johanna from These Prices, Kristina from A Joy Walk,  and last but very much not the least...Amanda from I Am Baker and I Am Mommy.

I didn't get any photos of Anna from Girl With a Blog, but Anna deserves a shout out because well...she gives the best hugs, is super sweet, and I think she could be one of my new bff's! One of those people you just click with right away!

I don't want to end this post...just like I didn't want to end this night! But I think I will save some for another post. ;o) Thank you EVERYONE for a wonderful night, and for allowing this Iowa girl to crash your state!


  1. Janelle,
    We are so glad you crashed this state and into our lives!! You are wonderful and talented and having you (and your beautiful apron) made the evening even more special!!
    We are so glad to consider you a friend!
    ~Chris Ann and Kristin

  2. Your apron was amazing. You are so talented. It was a lovely evening.
    Warmly, Tracy

  3. loved this recap and seeing you again ... can't wait for the next time, sweet girl!