Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey all! I have decided to take on the challenge of a Blog-a-thon! A couple of brilliant gals decided to help give us a push to get back on track after a slow blogging summer as we were enjoying all the warm weather activities. What a great idea. Just the push I needed to get on track with where I would like to be. If you would like to join in, just go to the link above, or click on the button on the side of my home page.

It is true, I almost forgot and missed the first deadline. I really wanted to get to bed by 10:00..right now it is 9:58 PM. What can I say in 2 minutes? Well how about this...

I have been on a major "get things done, move real fast, work work work, clean clean clean, schedule schedule schedule" kinda mood lately. This only happens but once every 5 years or so. ;o) So, I am trying to ride this train for as long as my mind and body will let me. A friend of mine had a great theory as to why I may have this sudden rush of energy, she thinks it is because I love the fall season, and will signs of it fast approaching, I am getting kind of excited. I feel like throwing get togethers and dinners and game nights and just As opposed to slumped over glued to the tv or internet.

Also, a major contributor to this...oh is 10:01. I missed my cut-off...ok..I will stop at 10:05 no matter where I am at. As I was saying, a major contributor to this sudden change has been adding a 5th member to our family. As previously mentioned, my 15 year old sister-in-law has moved in with us. I have been adjusting to the life of raising a 15 yr old girl, 12 yr old boy, and 22 month old toddler. Run run run. The only way I can stay above water, and not drown in a sea of dishes and laundry is to just keep moving. No choice any longer, it has to be done. And if I am going to keep up with everyone's schedules I have no choice but to stay on top of things.

What else has happened as a result of this? I am losing weight, without really trying. Just being busy has done it. Amazing what a little extra excercise will do for you. Anyway, I think 10:05 is just about read to

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  1. So glad that you got in your first post today! Look forward to reading more! Yay!

    I think fall brings that get things done attitude for a lot of people. I am in that mode too! And also trying to ride it as long as I can before I get into the winter funk! :)