Saturday, September 4, 2010

Late Night Saturday Delight

Today is Day 4 of the blog-a-thon. Wait? Day 4? I think I have only blogged 3 times. Crud. Forgive me? Yep...just checked and I missed Friday! To my credit laptop is in the shop and I am at the mercy of my husband for letting me use his...that is when one of the kids doesn't have a report that they need to work on all day. So there. Let's pretend I never missed a day. Moving on...

I signed up for the I_Blog Conference! Thank you for Heather of the EO for tipping me off to this Mid-westerner conference! I really don't know a whole lot about the conference yet, but am glad to give this blog conference thing a try a little more locally instead of jumping in with both feet into a big time conference with thousands of bloggers. The hotel that it is being held in looks so amazing! This event is my "Late Night Saturday Delight". Mainly because I am excited about it! Can't wait for November!

What has also got me excited about finding this conference is finding more Iowa bloggers! I love you Minnesota...but I just can't travel 5 hours every single time I want to hang out with fellow bloggers (however I surely will do so again and again).

I have been up to crafty creations lately. Tonight I enhanced some cork boards by covering them with batting and then fabric over the top. Turned out cute. Surely I will take photos. We will begin painting our 15 yr old and 12 yr olds rooms this week. I am so excited to have this room redo almost complete!

Well, I am sorry to cut short and run, but you know how life is!

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  1. You missed a day? What? No, you didn't. (how's that?)

    I am going to my first blogging conference next weekend. Can't wait to check it out and meet some of these great peeps! Haven't heard of the one you are going to. May have to check it out too.