Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making a plan

So, 17 days to go before I fly across America to an area I have never been to. Sight-seeing? Shopping? Ocean? Nope....the only sight seeing I will be doing is on my hikes through mountains in Malibu California. The only shopping I will be doing is at the Biggest Loser Resort Store. Ocean...I might get to see it on my flight in and out. I didn't schedule any leisure days on my trip...just work work work. Not a "nose in the computer" kind of trip. Not a "sit in boring long classes and let your butt get sore" kind of work trip. Not a "sip wine and mingle with colleagues" kind of work.

What is the kind of work? Work on me! My body AND my mind! Pushing myself to places I have never been. Proving to my body that it is not a lazy couch potato. Proving to my family that I DO love them enough to want to live a long life with them. A life that includes camping and adventures...not just movies and gameboard days.

So what is my plan for not dieing on the first day? certainly isn't to wait until the day before I leave to start excercising. Nope, started yesterday. I got up at 6:30 and walked 1.2 miles. Not a whole lot, but it was something. This morning I got up at 5:45 and walked 1.8 miles. I thought for sure I had walked 2 miles, but guess I was just shy. Tomorrow...I plan to walk 2.5 miles as well as do more working out aerobically. I have put a call into the local YMCA for the fitness director to give me a call. I would like to see if they can get me into classes every day, except Sunday, until the trip. Can't wait to see what they have to offer me!

Remember last November? That is when I revealed my weight to the world. A scary thing to do, but it was also very liberating. My whole life I loathed the thought of anyone ever finding out this "number" as if the number was a secret. As if nobody would know just how obese I was if they didn't know the number. Perhaps they would think that I weigh much less. Perhaps I just look pleasantly plump and not obese. Wrong wrong wrong. I have seen the pictures, there is no way that it can be mistaken. When I started this journey last November I was 243.6 pounds. In my initial efforts I had lost 25 pounds and got down to 218.6. I was there for a little while. I teetered and toyed between 222 & 230 for the last 6 months though. As of yesterday morning, I am at 225. Which is the lowest I have been for a couple of months.

My plan is: to get down to at least 218 before I leave. That means another 7 pounds in 17 days. I am pretty sure I can do it! This loss, combined with whatever I lose in California, should give me the jump start I need to stay motivated on the downward slope of this rollercoaster ride.

Oh yeah...and if you read my post early this week about having babies on the I am really hoping I am not pregnant this month, and I will be ok if I don't get pregnant for a few more months. I would like to be healthy enough that my next pregnancy goes smoothly and that I can continue working out while pregnant.

ttfn, I must get off the couch now!

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  1. Just catching up on your posts. I can't describe my excitement for you. I think mostly because you sound just like me. So many similarities. Even our weight right now is exactly the same. You are motivating me to prioritize me and my weight loss.