Thursday, September 2, 2010

my laptop got dropped today, and broke. phone wont let me type in the body of this post.


  1. So I think I will do my post in my comments. Pretty cheesy, but at least I am not breaking my challenge! At 7:52 am my doorbell rang. I totally forgot the window cleaning people were coming today. So I set my laptop to the side and lept to my feet. Crash! It took me about 30 seconds to realize what had happened. I looked behind me and there it was. computer on the hardwood floor. Pieces laying beside it. Insert sick feeling in my stomach. So after I got the gus settled in with their cleaning I went to assess the damages. It knocked the battery out and popped the cd drive open and another piece fell out as well. I put it back together and hit the power button. Thank you Jesus! It still works. Well, it worked for a little while it went dead and I found the culprit. The little metal part that hooks into the laptop for the power cord bent off. So, good news is that my computer should be fine in the long run. Bad news is that I need to purchase a new power cord. First thing on my agenda will be to back up the computer onto my external hard drive immediately upon rebooting. Live and learn. But hey, on the bright side my windows are so clean that. The light is blaring through my windows like never before.

  2. Wow, that is dedication to the challenge. Love that you posted in your comments. Sorry about the laptop. One of those moments you wish you could rewind just a few seconds.