Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Um, what did I do!!??

Yesterday I announced that I will be leaving in 18 days to stay at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, California. This morning I may have woke up did you do!?!??!!? You know, being that I signed up to go so quickly so that I can be their for the opening day of the resort...means...NO REFUNDS. I am committed. I can't turn back. This is it!

Here is what got me to start panicing a bit. I opened up my confirmation email and starting looking at all the details of my trip. I had read there would be I knew that was coming...and I knew that it is in the mountains. However, I missed the part that said there will be 2-1/2 HOURS of hiking per 5 fitness 2 educational classes per day. Thank God they have a chef that makes all of our meals for us! I am trying to get my body used to  eating the 1200 calories a day so that I don't go into complete shock! I also started working out today. I went for a walk this morning...only 1.1 miles...but still I got up and did it. I will do at least 2 miles in the morning. I am also looking to get into an aerobics class of some sort. However, my membership is to Anytime Fitness and they don't have aerobics classes.

I am completely thrilled with all the support I am getting from my friends IRL and my blogger friends! And now for me to show you the most fun purchase I made today...something that was on my required list for the hiking:

The CamelBak High Visibility Hydration Pack
Yep, that is a hydration pack that carries water and has a tube thingy that I can just drink from so that I don't have to stop. This pack will also carry another one of my required items...a first aid kit. hah! I wonder if They have collapsable gurneys that I could fit in that pack? hmmm...???


  1. one word... Courageous! I would love to go to a camp like that! I will be praying for you daily! I just stopped by your blog and also noticed that you have a blog shop! What kind of hair accessories do you make?

    Have a great workout in the morning!


  2. Wow! Good for you!!! Do you plan to share your experiences there? You know, once you can move again...

  3. You know what is really great about this is you signed up fast with no refunds. Not way to rationalize why you shouldn't go. Love it. And love that just going there is motivating you to start adjusting your life now! The benefits will be so fantastic!