Saturday, November 13, 2010


Helloooooo  oo  o   o    oo   oo??? Can you hear me hear me hear me?

This blog has been quiet and lonely I swear I hear echos while typing this post.

I am very sorry blog. I have missed you. I have thought about you. I have even looked at you. But I just haven't been feeling it. the last ....what? has been exactly a month since I last blogged! Woah, I did that by accident.

So. One month wrap up:

I am still pregnant. My pregnancy ticker at the top says I am 12 weeks 5 days. However my ultrasound says I am 11 weeks 5 days. I would like to go by the pregnancy ticker...cause that is the calculation I get when I plug in my numbers to the due date calculator...but for purposes of not confusing myself with doctors appointments I should probably go by what my ultrasound says. Calculated due date of May 29th. That seems sooooo far away. I have been extremely sick this last month. A lot of nausea, puking, sleeping. However, in the last week I have been feeling energy pick back up. Not as much nausea...but more heart burn & acid reflux. It is kind of like walking through a field filled with land mines...the day can be great...but one wrong move and it is all over.

Baby names:

If it is a girl, we are pretty sure we have the name picked out. If it is a boy, then it is going to be more of a challenge. The biggest challenge is that my husband still insists on crazy outdoor names. His top 3 picks right now are: 1: Trout 2:Bo Hunter 3:Tasker Tucker  Um...what...I'm sorry honey...did you say "Tasker Tucker"? Um, well...that is thinking outside the box. Obviously we are not all about traditional names with 2 sons named Xavier & River...but even for me those boys names are a bit much.

Weight Loss/Gain:

I have no idea what I weigh. Our scale broke and I haven't cared to replace it. Excercise has been non existant and carbs are the primary sourse of nourishment I have craved. I really don't think I am doing too bad...but I probably shouldn't go much longer without a scale.


We have been on the search for a new home this last month, and we have found our dream home in the country. Highlight of features: 4 fireplaces (1 outside, 1 in  family room, 1 in dining room, 1 in basement), huge deck, pool, 5.24 acres, apple...pear...and cherry trees, 3 bedrooms up, 4 bathrooms, 2800 square feet on the main level, brand new kitchen, and full kitchen in the basement.

The homes current condition? Hugely neglected. The house has huge potential as you can see from the above list of features...however it currently looks like something straight out of the Hoarders tv show. It will require us to rip out all carpet, most subflooring, drywall 2 feet up all walls on main level and complete ripping out of the basement. It will be worth all the hard work, but will be a winter long project. We are very thankful that we get to stay in our current home through the renovation. If all goes well with closing details we should take position by December 1st.

You want to see a picture? Well...if you promise to look past the clutter and see the potential I will show you 1 or 2.

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