Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spoon in the Drawer

I have a spoon in my silverware drawer that has a story. A story that reminds me that I am the Queen of the House of Boys. A story that gives me a chuckle when it may make other women upset. A story that shows the rationale of a once 9 year old boy. A story that is simple, and makes sense when you think of it.

What is the story?

I had seen this spoon in my drawer for awhile, it matches none of the others. It puzzled me every time, but I never questioned it. I figured nobody else would know. I thought maybe we had acquired it after a church potluck or something of the likes.

One day, I asked, does anybody know where this spoon came from? My then 9 year old begins to chuckle. Uh-oh...what does that mean?! The story is simple really. He says:

"I took one of our spoons in my school lunch one day. And I forgot what I was doing and returned the spoon to the kitchen of the school." So, then next day he did what makes sense. He took one of the school spoons and brought it home to replace the one that I had lost.

Nevermind that my silverware was a nice matching set that I got for our wedding from my mother. What is done is done. My spoon has now found a home amongst hundreds of spoons in the elementary kitchen.

So now I stop and smile for a moment when I see this spoon, because it has history, because it reminds me of the innocence and logical thinking of a 9 year old boy. My once 9 year old boy who is now 12, who is quickly on his way to being a teen.

Do you have a piece of silverware or kitchen utensil that has a story?

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