Friday, December 10, 2010

A Post From Africa

Today I have a very special guest poster! It's my daddy! My dad is currently in Kenya, Africa. He has been in Africa since November 17th. It is the first year I have never had Thanksgiving with my dad. He will be coming home on December 21st. It's a long 5 weeks, and he is starting to feel home sick, but still enjoying his experience. This is his 3 (maybe 4th?) trip to Africa. I convinced him to give a summary of his trip thus far to help fill in family and friends. So, without further is my dad...Ron.

I landed in Kenya on November 18 and left on the 19th to fly to Kigali, Rawanda. There I was able to visit the genocide museum to get a view of what horrific episode that was in the life of the Rwandans. 1,000,000 people murdered in 100 days, it was and is unbelievable. AS a result there have been new laws enacted to try and heal the divisions between the tribes and to memorialize the deaths in such a way as prevent it from every happening again. I was then able to attend and preach in a Rwandan Friends Church, that is experiencing some significant growth. Probably over 250 people in attendance. Lots of singing and dancing before I preached. It was a good service and I was pleased to be able to speak.


Follwing that I soon returned to Nairobi, Kenya and met with lloyd Stangeland and we flew together to Lodwar, Kenya. This is in the north eastern portion of Kenya up close to Sudan. It is a desert region where the people either live in the city or live out in the desert where they tend their herds of goats, camels, or donkeys. They live in grass huts and sleep on mats outside their huts because it is so hot. It may get down to 85 late in the evening but is 95 or higher each day. It rarely rains, perhaps once a year or two. We were investigating where and how to dig a couple of bore hole wells for two of the new new village Meetings (Friends Churches). Right now they meet under a tree for worship. They beat their drum and sing a lot, mostly women and children because the men our out following their animals as they move about looking for food and water.

Following that we flew to Kitale, Kenya and helped form a new project and established a new board of governors. This is called SEEDS and we will be renting and growing seed maize for th Kenya Seed Company. From the profits of this endeavor we hope to be able to pay for a new Education Secretary for Kenya Friends and to pay for the printing of a new peace curriculum that friends from William Penn University are writing, hoping that it will be used in the 1,200 Friends Primary Schools in Kenya.

Following that we traveled by pickup/slash car type to Tanzania. IT was a 1,500 kilometer trip one way to southern Tanzania very near the Malawe border. We met with four new vilage meetings/churches as they worshipped and prayed for new buildings and for new members to come to meet Jesus. There was a great spirit amongst these people and they are excited about forming a new Yearly Meeting in the near future. All five of the new churches in this area were started by one woman over the last 3-4 years. SHe is an amazing lady who works as a midwife, loves the Lord, and constantly talks to people about the Lord and starting another new church. Her names is appropriately Christian. This was a very difficult trip because riding in such a small car was very tight and uncomfortable and we had to travel two 12-14 hour days in the car only stopping for fuel, to eat, and to find a bush.

I have returned to Kenya and spoke two days at a new Yearly Meeting called Tongeren that has 200 village meetings and 6,000 members. They wanted to learn more about leadership and proper church business operations.

Tomorrow I will speak again at Tuloi Yearly Meeting and the following day at Vahiga Yearly Meeting. This is the seasn where all 16 yearly meetings have special conferences for their women and men, both in different locations. I realized today that this was the first day in three weeks that I wasn't traveling or hurrying to next place to speak or participate in some type of meeting or worship. It has been hectic but good.

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