Thursday, December 9, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

Well, as you may have recently read on my blog...we are in the process of purchasing a new home. This home is...shall we say...A diamond in the rough. It will be spectacular when done, but right now...not so much. We have officially cleared out the remaining junk that the previous owners oh so kindly left behind for us. What remains now is the smell. Once you get past the see the size..Overall is over 3500 square feet. We are in the process now of waiting. We have already cleared out and cleaned the first layer of filth off. As well as pulled all the soiled carpet. Next up...after the sale is officially final...we will pull up subfloors and drywall at least 2 feet up all the way around the house. The basement will be completely gutted. All in all this project should be 2 to 3 months long.

For me..right now I am not able to move much past the smell...into inspiration. This living room really has me stumped. It is a 600 square foot room. The 3 window on the East side of overlook the deck and pool area.

There are sliding glass doors on each side of the fireplace. I am not sure why this was done exactly. The doors go out to our covered patio, which also has a fireplace and houses the hot tub. My vision for the fireplace is something like this. Stone going all the way up. I think this would go with the rustic look of the wood beams on the ceiling.

Right now for furniture I know we will have a dark brown leather sofa & loveseat to place in front of the fireplace. I would also like to put a small table somewhere in the room for a board game table. Other than that...I have no more vision for the room. I can not think of a paint color for the walls. Right now everything in my current home has black frames on all our pictures, our TV armoire is black...we have white doors and white trim. So...if I stick with the blacks and I then paint the wood beams black? Ahhh...really I am open for any and all suggestions for this room. I think the shear size of the room just has me stumped.

On to the next area. The Kitchen and eat in dinig area.
This picture is looking at the fireplace in the eat in dining area. All those boxes house the stone and hearth for the fireplace..which is similar to the picture I linked before. This area is large enough that I have visions of putting 2 comfy chairs with a little round coffee table in between them by the fireplace, and then still plenty of room for the actual dining table behind.

This room connects straight to the kitchen. I am gaining a large beautiful newly redone kitchen, but I am losing my beautiful newly remodeled kitchen in my current home with white cabinetry. I can not decide on wall color in these two rooms either. The two windows in the room both do not get direct sunlight because they are both covered by covered patios.

And last but not least, the entry way. When you walk in our front door, this is what you see.  A long entry way. It also is dark, so I need a light color and new light fixtures. It is a long good sized hallway. At the very end you can see where you step down 2 steps into the large family room that was pictured earlier.

So, here are the design dilemmas I lay awake at night thinking about. PLEASE feel free to weigh in with any and all advice! Links to pictures would be great too!

Thank you friends!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! I don't have any ideas or inspiration for you, but I have a feeling you'll come up with some pretty amazing ideas all on your're so creative!

  2. What a fantastic home! I looove the stone fireplace idea. I think it is perfect for the rustic wood beams and the leather couches. It will really tie it together.

    Since you don't have allot of light coming in on this level I think you may want to use light paint colors and if you want to change it up - use a dark color that coordinates on an accent wall. I did that on a home we owned in CO and we got allot of compliments on it. The dark wall seemed to stretch the also helped there was a window in the middle of it. Also adding fun lighting or recess lighting to brighten it could be good.

    Your kitchen is beautiful...I know what you mean about the white, though. I wanted white in my kitchen but I have dark cabinets and granite which I was a little sad over when we moved in. But, with two growing boys and a large dog - I am now grateful for the dark colors - hides a multitude of...!

    You are so creative and have such good taste you will make it just right. I can't wait to see the final results!

  3. Looks like it will be amazing!!! Great pictures you posted!

  4. I am sure that it will look amazing, can't wait to see the finished project.
    ~Danna (following from blogfrog)

  5. When I saw your living room, I immediately thought of this picture:

    I think something like that would be great! White walls, white would look great with your current stuff.

    And I think the other rooms would look lovely painted BM Wythe Blue or Palladian Blue...would really brighten things up. Sherwin Williams Rainwashed would look awesome in the kitchen too...

    This is such a beautiful home...I can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

  6. We had a living room very similar to yours with sliders on each side of the fireplace. I loved this home! Our fireplace was brick with a beautiful wooden beam and a great hearth. My favorite look was at Christmas with a huge wreath on the wall and a huge Poinsetta on the hearth. Outside those sliders was a generous 3 season room. All windows, a great place to even enjoy in the winter with a blanket and a good book.