Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's All in the Details

On Sunday I spent 5 hours at Lowe's. Who ever knew that picking lighting out for an entire 3500 sq ft home could be such a daunting job. Rewarding in the end...but a very detailed and methodic job.
  • How much light does this area need?
  • How low can the light fixture be in my entry way?
  • How can I get the fancy light fixture that I really want in my master bedroom with these prices!?
  • How do I pick a ceiling fan..let alone one that I love enough to have 2 of in our great room?
  • Should the ceiling fans have dome lights? Or down lights?
  • What finish should we use? Most of the fixtures in our home are brushed nickel, but the fixtures in our kitchen are black. Will it look odd to have more than 1 finish?
So many questions that I had never thought of before! If you have never built or remodeled a home, I am sure we all take for granted all that goes into picking all of these little details. In the end I pulled it off. I had one of those big pallet carts full. I should have taken a picture, but frankly was so exhausted that all I could think about was getting it done and over with! One of the big things that I did that I think will save time in the end...I wrote on all the boxes while I was at the store. I labeled which room, which light they were to go to. Hope I don't have to return any. ;o)

Also while at Lowe's I purchased a new cover for the doorbell on the front of the house, door handles for the interior doors, a new mailbox, 2 sinks for the master bathroom, 2 faucets for the master bathroom, all of the towel hooks, etc for the boys' bathroom.

The clawfoot tub you have already seen

The sink we chose for the master bath. We chose a higher arch faucet in chrome finish

This will go over the sit down vanity mirror

One of these wall mounts will go over each sink mirror

The cabinets we have changed. Our budget was/is getting out of control, so we chose to eliminate the corner cabinet and also the middle cabinet between the mirrors.The 2 mirrors above the sinks will now be recessed medicine cabinets.The series of 4 drawers in the middle bottom will be removed and instead will have 2 open shelves. We will use the open shelving for our big bath towels. I saw this idea while watching "Sarah's House" on HGTV this Saturday and LOVED it!

This is similar to the ceiling fan I chose for the great room.

Tomorrow I plan to post about the craft/kids play area in our new basement! 


  1. Sooo exciting! And we have a ceiling fan that looks almost identical to the one shown here. Can't go wrong with Hunter fans...they have such great customer service and warranty. We had a switch go bad in ours and after Menard's wasn't as helpful as we hoped, we called Hunter and two days later we received in the mail a whole new motor unit for the fan. They didn't even ask for a receipt or anything! SO yeah...good brand. :)

  2. We built our house 4 years ago...I remember those decisions about all the "little" details! I remember being surprised at all the decisions that I hadn't anticipated that I would have to make.