Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harnessing Thoughts

Lately my mind has been running in a bazillion different direction. Since I can't seem to harness any one thought for very long...I am going to do a post outline style of the random things that have crossed my mind to mention on my blog. Here goes:
  1. When looking for a notebook last night I found this quote that I had written down from someone, some time ago. I think it might have been Joyce Myers. "Start ordering your life instead of your life ordering you around."
    1. I thought this quote was very fitting for the kind of post I am doing. Part of the reason I can't seem to harness any one thought for long is that I am not very organized these days. Well...usually I am not very organized period. I CAN be, I definitely have the ability to do it.
  2. Also when I found this notebook I found a series of notes from my 12 year old to James & I. I believe he was 8 or 9 when he wrote them. But we were in the car driving somewhere long distance and he got mad at us, so he refused to talk to us. Instead he wrote everything down and would pass us the notebook. I have to say it was a very quiet car ride. ;o)
  3. Lately we have been going to wrestling meets for Xavier. He is an avid wrestler. Instead of going through the free school wrestling program, we take him to DesMoines to a wrestling club that is more intense. This place also does mixed martial arts. The gym looks like a gym straight out of the Rocky movies. In fact, I don't go inside because the smell is so strong. But he loves it! It is a smaller group of boys, and all of them that are there are really serious about their wrestling goals. Xavier is a kid who has goals. He already talks about his future and what he wants to do with it. His "plan": Get a wrestling scholarship and go to University of Iowa to wrestle. Study to be a lawyer and also wants to become a pastor. He also has an idea to handmake furniture from wood. Really nice furniture, have a store...and he would do this so that he could support his ministry better since being a pastor isn't always the biggest income.
  4. Speaking of pastoring...Xavier went to our Pastor a month ago and told him he had some things that he felt like God wanted him to share with the church. He asked if he could share them by preaching one Sunday. Our pastor, took him up on the offer. So the following Sunday Xavier got up and preached A 45 MINUTE SERMON! It started out pretty shaky from his nerves, a lot of repeating himself, but the longer he stood up there the better it got and the more comfortable he got.By the end of the sermon he had many of us in tears. It was an amazing experience.
  5. We FINALLY closed on our new house last Thursday. We started the process of buying the first of November. We had no idea it would take so long or be so laborious to accomplish. Everything was in order on our end and with our bank. All problems were on the end of the previous owner. I won't go into details because all that matters now is that it is DONE!! Woohoo!
    1. Being done with the purchase also means that my husband and a crew have been out there everyday but Sunday since last Thursday working late. The whole renovation should take approximately 2 months. So far we have everything torn out that needs to be torn out. All 4 bathrooms are completely gutted down to the studs. Drywall around the house in the highly affected pet stain areas has been removed. Subfloors in several rooms have been removed. The entire house is being cleaned from top to bottom. All walls and floors have been hepa vaccumed and cleaned. The ducts have been cleaned throughout and tile & grout have been cleaned. Advantage to owning our own cleaning & restoration company. We do water & fire damage restoration as well as mold remediation. Also do pet odor removal. All of these jobs are very tedious and you really have to know what you are doing to get down to the nitty gritty on all these things. Walls have been also torn down in areas that we are remodeling layouts.
    2. We have changed where the front entrance of where the house is. Changed the entry room. Adding 2 closets to entry room. Totally changing layout of master bedroom. Removed 3 closets inside and next to the little boys room to make 1 large closet in the little boys' room. Tore down a section of wall in the large great room to make 2 entrances to the great room and opening up the view to the kitchen & dining area.
Well...I had several more points written down, but this post is getting loooonnnng. So I will end there!

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