Thursday, February 17, 2011

One of the Most Important Decisions....

One of the most important decisions in our home...the master bathroom.

Our new bathtub. We really went back & forth on this decision. Currently we have a kohler jet tub in our existing home. We just installed it 2 years ago. It fits 2 people well, however is not the most comfortable to lay back in. Your neck hits wrong and then your tailbone is not comfy either. We were going to remove the bathtub from the new master bath and put a corner tub in the actual bedroom part like a hotel suite. However, after hours of thinking it through in my head...doing so would have really limited wall space and the ability to rearrange furniture in the future. I am the kind of person that just has to rearrange once in a while for a change. So...we went with this clawfoot soaker tub. Only 1 person will fit in it, but it just looks so comfortable. Also, since we have a hot tub at the new house, there really isn't a need for a whirlpool bath. And while we are at it...lets be honest...I am a little creeped out at the dirtyness factor of jet tubs. The never ending floaties are just too much for me to handle. TMI? ;o)

Currently this is the layout for the counters and vanity for the bathroom. On the other side of the room will be a separate toilet closet, the claw foot tub, and a 4 foot Sterling shower. Still working out the final details on the cabintry to make sure it fits our  budget.
The master bathroom is the only bath out of the 4 that we are having any custom work done for. We went with pre-fab vanities, cabinets, & mirrors from Lowe's for the other three. They had a great sale going on and it was hard to resist!

Bathrooms really are a luxury for us in this new house. For the last 8-1/2 years I have lived in a home with 1 bathroom. Being the queen of the house of 3 going on 4 boys...being able to lock the door once in a while is going to be so nice! Oh, and we are putting a urinal in the basement bathroom!

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  1. You weren't kidding about the urinal?! That's great. I read that part of your fb message to Josh and he thought it was a great idea! =)