Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Master Bedroom Accessories

This past weekend I posted to Twitter & facebook that I needed help deciding on bedding for our Master Bedroom. When I posted this were the 2 bedding options I was trying to choose between:

This option was liked because of its more nuetral tones. This one was my favorite. I actually tried to order this online Saturday night, but everytime I would get to the checkout my internet connection would drop and I would have to start over. After an hour of trying I gave up for the night.
{source, Bed Bath & Beyond}

Several of you liked this one better because the colors were more bold and would have given more contrast in our room.
{source, Bed Bath & Beyond}
 However, do you know what both of these sets had in common? My husband hated both of them! Too floral...too feminine. And I guess since it is his room too after all...I decided to start my search over. I searched forever and a day online and found many different ideas. My husband even offered up some ideas. Here are a couple of his:

Where I liked floral patterns...he chose geometric patterns. In my opinion the options he was throwing out were too masculine. {source, Bed Bath & Beyond}
I actually liked this one, but the blog where he found it...didn't have a link to this actual set, and I couldn't find it anywhere online.

So, what did we end up with? Well...I made a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond in person and after a few calls and picture texts between the husband and I...this is what we decided on.

{source, Bed Bath & Beyond}

The colors are grey, white, and a greyish/blue. The main blanket it a duvet color. This is my first experience with a duvet. We chose a hyperallergenic filling instead of a down comforter... as I am allergic to feathers. I also chose grey sheets instead of white.

 As far as the bed...I made a trip to our local furniture store...and the owner guided me to the Sealy memory foam beds as opposed to the beds we were considering. He offered me the same price as we would have paid for the Angelbed and the quality is better. Best part is...we will be keeping our business local which makes warranties a lot easier and helps the local economy. Being a business owner ourselves...we respect anyones decision to shop locally as much as humanly possible.

We are also looking at bed frame, headboard, and side tables in a chocolate wood finish as opposed to the mirrored glass side tables.

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  1. I really like the bedding that you ended up picking!