Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty Has Arrived

Today...I was...let's just say...emotional. I am 36 week 2 days pregnant. Just a mere 17 days away from csection day. It is Monday...we are moving on Friday. While my husband has been renovating the new home full time, I have been packing up our old home full time. Sorting, throwing away, boxing up, marking for garage sale. What I do all day long in my head? Make lists. I am constantly thinking in lists. What do I have yet to buy? What have I bought that I can cross off my list? What rooms should I tackle first at the new house? What will I want who to do on moving day? Who will we have for help on moving day? Who will take care of our kids when baby comes? What will my plan of attack be if I go into labor BEFORE Friday??????


On top of that, nerves are sensitive around here. We are all overworked and underpaid right now. The renovation has taken about a month longer than originally estimated. Our budget is currently running 65% over budget than originally calculated...that is right 65%!!!!! Yeow! We are not talking a couple thousand over budget...we are talking tens of thousands. Somehow it will all work out in the end. Until then...there are tears flowing. I am not usually a cryer. When not pregnant...I can supress my feeling like the best of 'em. Shove them down and just be pissed and not let it out and cry. When I am pregnant....especially now with all of the above happening...oh boy...the tears flow fast, hard, and furious! My poor husband.

So emotionally I am a mess. Physically?? Well...I am doing better now than I did my last pregnancy. As mentioned previously I am 36 wks 2 days along now. Delivery set for 39 weeks on Friday, May 13th. I had my last babe at 35 weeks 6 days due to extreme quick onset of swelling due to pre-eclampsia. So far...blood pressure has been up every once in a while...but not all the time. Swelling has been extremely minimal. How much weight have I gained? Well...I guess I will tell you...since I revealed my weight to the world back in November of 2009. Lets that point I was 243.6 when I did the big reveal. As of September of 2010 I had gotten down to 217. I then found out I was pregnant...and worried because I was considered high risk ...I stopped all excercise cold turkey. At my first doctor appointment...5 weeks after finding out I was pregnant..I weighed in at 225 at the doctor office. As of my last appointment 2 weeks ago I weighed in at 251. So I have gained 26 pounds. Not bad for weight gain. But when you consider I am 5'2"...251 pounds is extremely hard on a little body. My husband & I did an experiment. I got on the scale...and he attempted to lift my see how much my belly weighs. My belly this time seems so much larger than either of my 2 previous pregnancies. Our experiment showed that my belly weighs 15 pounds!!!! Then...just for fun...I know...this is crazy crazy....but heck...seriously...I then much do my boobs weigh? So we did the experiment the same way. ;o) They weigh approximately 8 pounds. SOOOO...if you take a belt, and attach 23 pounds of weights to the front of your tell me how long you can walk around before you feel like dropping to the ground from back pain. And sometimes...I seriously think about dropping to the ground..but then I would have to figure out how to get back up.

Anyways...when I started this blogpost I was really just wanting to tell you that my fabric arrived. Oh Lordy how I got off track.

So here I was emotional and grumpy when my hero the UPS man arrives with my package. In it was my fabric for my wall art project for the new house!

I will do a collage on my large wall with a combination of framing some of these fabrics in various sized white frames.....and stretched some of the others over canvas'. I will have more than enough fabric leftover to make pillows AND to reupholster my dining room chairs! I am so excited to show you more of this!

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  1. I LOVE the fabrics, they are beautiful! I am so sorry to hear that things are so stressful right now, I can't imagine! Praying for a quick and easy move!